Votary Super Seed Facial Cream Review

I am a huge fan of Votary so I was beyond excited to receive their Super Seed Facial Cream in a beauty advent calendar.

Personally, I did not get the chance to try that many of their products, but I liked every single one of them. Will this be the exception? I hope not.


The Votary Super Seed Facial Cream is an interesting moisturiser of an incredibly rich texture. The texture is so rich that you can feel like you are left with a protective layer on top of your skin.

Also, the cream is enriched with seed oil. But despite that, the cream does not leave an oily residue and absorbs rather quickly. The cream gives you a pretty matte finish which is nice to have under foundation, but because the cream is so thick I recommend against using foundation to be honest. If you are looking for a natural feel to your skin then only use light weight products on top if you really feel like it.


Furthermore, the Votary Super Seed Facial Cream is better suited for cold wether as it protects and deeply hydrates the skin. So it basically does what it says on the box.

Overall, the moisturiser is pretty interesting due to its texture, but it works and it works well. I loved it and would buy it again. The only thing I am not head over heels over heels about is the shelf life which is short – 6 months after opening – and I reckon it will take me longer than that to use it all up. That is a bit of a waste so if I have some left I will use it on my cracked hands. You should do the same!

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