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Hand creams are a necessity for me. Well, they should be something every one of you owns, but in my case they are a must. I often get cracked skin due to cold weather, bad water quality and in the past, due to lab work and cleaning substances I had to use. For this reason, I amassed a huge collection of hand creams as they often failed me after a short while. I guess my skin just got too used to the formula and they would stop working. My point here is that I know my stuff and by now I know what is good and what isn’t.

Using hand cream is a something that I just have to do and do it often because of the previously mentioned reasons. However, it is not really my favourite thing to do, if I am being honest. Many hand creams don’t absorb fast enough, but some do so that is great. But, even those that do absorb fast, they leave a bit of residue which is not great when you spend your days typing like I do. Oily fingers on a keyboard? ewwwww.

For this reason, I was super excited when I found a QMSMediCosmetics hand cream or should I say treatment, in the Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar of 2018. I was already familiar with QMSMediCosmetics and I had and continue to have a really good opinion of the brand. Plus the fact that the products are med grade is something that made me hopeful that the hand cream was going to be really different from my others. That was indeed the case *spoiler alert*.

The QMSMediCosmetics hand care product is unlike anything I have ever tried before. The hand cream not only absorbs incredibly fast, but it leaves no residue whatsoever. Any residue disappears the moment the cream is spread out evenly over your hands, if that makes sense. This is just wow! Also, the cream makes your hands feel velvet smooth.  It does not fix my cracked skin right away as the effect goes away once I wash my hands, but it makes my skin feel more comfortable and allows it to mend itself.

The hand cream is not on the cheap side, but I believe it is worth every penny and I am sure you will agree with me if you ever had to deal with issues like the ones I had to.

Overall, I am really happy to have discovered this product and I believe it will make a frequent appearance in my day to day skincare regimen from now on. Hope you will decide to give it a go as well.

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  1. farmstandculture

    Oh your poor hands, consider adding a few squirts of nourishing oil to your foaming hand soaps. I like to use apricot kernel oil. Easy to find online. It won’t replace ur hand lotions, which sound awesome! It will just help ur hands not get to the cracked phase.

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