huda beauty lip strobe in shameless

Huda Beauty Lip Strobe in ‘Shameless’

It seems that I keep bumping into Huda Beauty these days. I have not used and tried this many products from the brand in my entire life that I have in the past few weeks. No time like the present, right? The Huda Beauty lip strobe is the first product from the Sephora Christmas Favourites beauty advent calendar and my second lip strobe actually.

(I already reviewed another Huda Beauty product – the demi matte liquid lipstick in Mogul which you can read more about here)

Here is what I thought.

Huda Beauty Lip Strobe in Shameless Review


The lip strobe from Huda Beauty is meant to be applied on top of your lipstick, almost like a topper. However that is not the only way in which you can use it. The product can also be used on its own like a gloss of some sort.

The Huda Beauty Lip Strobe in ‘Shamless’ comes in a tube with a small doe foot applicator which is easy to use and allows for some precision. The applicator is not perfect, but it is pretty good.

The shade ‘Shameless’ is a dark copper, almost brown, colour. This colour looks nice on the lips both on its own and on top of lipstick. However, some of you might find it a bit dark. I know that I did. In addition, the shade contains some speckles of gold like particles. They are like really small glitter particles, but they cannot be felt on the lips. This makes the product sparkle and thus making it reflect a green (ish) light. That is honestly not something I am head over heels about. At other times, depending on how the light hits, you can spot some purple which is prettier in my opinion. However, this is still not something I want to see in my lip products.

So in terms of colour, ‘Shameless’ is really not my jam. The colour is perfect during the holiday season, but I prefer the one in shade ‘Enchanting’ over this one every day.

huda beauty lip strobe in shameless

The lip strobe, as I mentioned above, can be used both as a topper and on its own. I tend to prefer it on its own actually, especially this particular shade. On top of lipstick, this shade seems even darker.

Regardless of how you apply it, the product behaves well. As a gloss however, the product does not feel at all sticky and the pigmentation is great, but the product from Huda Beauty does seem a bit more sheer. It can be used on its own without issues. On top of lipstick, the lip strobe from Huda Beauty looks even darker.

Overall, the product is luxurious and not sticky. It feels nice on the lips and looks great. However I would not buy this shade again. I prefer the white one in ‘Enchanting’, as I mentioned above. That one is also good for winter time and makes the lips look more bright.

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