Herbivore Orchid Facial Oil

Ever since Herbivore made an appearance on the UK market, I wanted to try the brand. I did not have many occasions to do so. Last spring, I tried the Jasmine and Green Tea Face toner and just now I tried my second ever product from them – the Orchid facial oil. 

See below what I thought of this product which was included in the Liberty Beauty Advent Calendar as the second product. 

Herbivore Orchid Facial Oil Review 

The first thing that I noticed as soon as I opened the bottle was the scent. The scent of this facial oil from Herbivore is almost like it is not an oil, but an actual fragrance. However, despite the strong scent, this does not feel synthetic nor did it brother me. The facial oil from Herbivore smells like flowers, a gorgeous bouquet of strong scented flowers. It is certainly different, but not at all unpleasant. 

The next thing I noticed about this facial oil is just how light it is. The texture of the product is unlike any other I have seen in an oil. The oil is super light and runny compared to other facial oils. I am certain there are not many such products on the market, this one from Herbivore is very much like water. 

So far we have great scent and texture. What is next? Does the product work?

A small amount of this product goes a long way. If you try to use more you might notice that the product does no longer absorb quite as well and it can leave your face greasy. If you find the right amount, then the product absorbs nearly instantly and does not leave your face greasy. Sure, there will be a bit of shine, but not enough that you fear for the safety of your pillowcase. Personally, I would still use it only at night. 

In the morning, you will wake up with glowy skin. There is a bit of plumpness going on mostly due to its hydrating ingredients I would say, but nothing major. However, that is not a bad thing as overall, the skin looks better and more even somehow from this product. I really like the effect and the oil even though I don’t tend to like this type of products.

The Orchid Facial Oil has Vitamin E which is the only anti-ageing ingredient in this product. Other ingredients that stand out are Camellia Oleifera Seed Oil and Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil which can both trigger fungal acne. Other than that, no other ingredient really stands out as ‘bad’, as far as I can tell. The product should be safe for all skin types, including oily ones. Those with dry skin might find that this is a perfect product for them.

Now I am going to talk a bit more about how it feels on oily skin as that is the skin type I have. I did not break out at all, the product absorbed quite fast as I mentioned above and my skin looked better overall. The skin was definitely soothed and conditioned thus the more even skin tone. That is exactly what this product promises to do.

However, if you do decide to purchase this product, then you will have to use it fast as it does not have a long shelf life. No matter what it says on the bottle, I do suggest you use it up fast (if you like it of course). Herbivore products are known not to last for too long.

The Facial Oil from Herbivore is also paraben, silicone, alcohol, sulphate and EU allergen free. The Orchid Facial Oil is cruelty free.

Overall, to my surprise, I do recommend you get this Orchid Facial Oil from Herbivore as it is an interesting product that does what it says. I hope that if you do decide to get it, you will have as good of an experience as I had.

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