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5 Reasons You Need a Wet Brush

Wet Brush. Wet Brush. What the heck is a Wet Brush some of you might wonder. Or perhaps you are not wondering given the popularity of the brushes. However, in any case, a Wet Brush is a type of brush created by the brand with the same name which is… Actually, that brings me to my first point so here it goes.


The Reasons Why You Need a Wet Brush


  1. The first reason why you need to own your very own Wet Brush is because of the fact that this is a brand of brush you can safely use on your wet hair. Normally, you should not use a brush while your hair is wet as it can tug at your hair and break it.
  2. This brings me to my second reason which is that the Wet Brush does not tug at your hair, or at least it is not supposed to.
  3. Because the Wet Brushes do not tug at your hair, they are perfect for detangling.
  4. If you use styling products, certain types of Wet Brushes are great at helping you disperse product.
  5. Newer versions of wet brushes are more eco-friendly.

Wet BrushWet Brush

So here you have it, 5 reasons why you need to invest in your own Wet Brush. However, these reasons a bit more theoretical. This is basically what the brand promises that the wet brushes do. Is that really the case? Should you bother investing in one?

I completely agree with reason number one. The Wet Brush does work really well on wet hair and it does not break it. I think this is incredible as with hair that gets as tangled as mine, I really do not want to dry it before trying to fix the nest that forms. However, I would not say that the brush does not tug at your hair at all when trying to detangle it. Some knots are easier to deal with than others. But that is a huge improvement when compared to regular brushes.

Dispersing styling product is actually quite easy when using brushes from this brand and newer versions do seem more eco friendly. The packaging does no longer contain plastic and the brushes are made of a different kind of plastic than before. Plus, there are versions that have gaps so there is overall less material used. I cannot say that the brushes are entirely eco-friendly, but they are much better than before.

The brushes come in many different sizes and shapes so there is one for everyone. The one pictured is a mini of the classic brush. However, I even found some that are significantly smaller than this one and go perfectly on a keychain.

Overall, I love my Wet Brush and I cannot imagine ever giving it up. Unless something better comes along, I do not foresee myself renouncing my Wet Brush. This brand has really changed my hair care routine for the better. So despite certain kinks here and there, the brushes from Wet Brush are far superior to anything I owned before.


Where can you buy a Wet Brush?


I recommend checking various website as the brushes are often on offer. You can find them at different prices all the time really so a bit of research helps you get the best price.


Also, I got this brush as the second product in the ASOS Beauty Advent Calendar.

Have you ever tried a Wet Brush?


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