First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser

First Aid Beauty is a brand that I find super appealing, however I have not tried many products from them. The ones I have tried, have not made it into my beauty stash again. So this got to be interesting, right? Here are my thoughts on the 17th product from the ASOS Face and Body Beauty Advent Calendar, aka the Face Cleanser from First Aid Beauty.


First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser Review

Finding a perfect cleanser is hard to do. I get that. I am always looking for one that is better and works better than the one I use at a specific time. We always want more and better. I think that is fair, especially when it comes to beauty. Some of you might not agree, but to each their own. No judgement here. When it comes to those who suffer from some skin conditions, it is even harder to find the right product. This is where First Aid Beauty comes into play. The brand wants to offer those with sensitive skin  (and other skin conditions) a range of products that work without irritating the skin or making skin conditions flare up. In theory sounds great, but do their products actually work? Let’s see.

The Face Cleanser from First Aid Beauty is just like any other face wash. You use a small amount, lather it on your face and rinse off the product. There is no rocket science involved here. Easy peasy.

The product is supposed to work well for those with sensitive skin, however I found that it does not seem to work well on my oily skin. Or maybe I should say that it does not even work on my oily skin. Why? I found the face cleanser from First Aid Beauty leaves my skin feeling quite dry. Of course, there are some other products out there that do dry my skin even more, but this is supposed not to? It does. While the face cleanser from First Aid Beauty does not leave my skin feeling incredibly tight and uncomfortable, it does not leave it feeling comfortable either. I kinda hate the way my skin feels after using this product.

Furthermore, the scent of this product from First Aid Beauty is not great either. The scent is very reminiscent of a hospital. I just cannot get past it. I know that it is supposed to be fragrance free, but they could try to tweak the formula a bit as all the products I tried from the brand smell like this and I honestly do not want that smell anywhere near my face. I wish it were fragrance free in theory and practice. Or for the fragrance to be more faint.

Okay these two things aside, does the cleanser work? Hmm, I would say that this cleanser from First Aid Beauty is not half bad. The cleanser removes impurities quite well and it also removes what is left of your makeup. See, not all bad. However, I found that it does not remove blackheads, unlike other products of its kind.

Based on my experience alone, I honestly cannot recommend this. Maybe it works differently on those with sensitive skin and those suffering from other skin conditions, but it did not work me well enough to get past the scent. The fact that the cleanser left my skin feeling quite uncomfortable is also something I find hard to get past.

Where can you buy the face cleanser from First Aid Beauty?

What do you think of the face cleanser from First Aid Beauty? Does it deserve a chance?


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