Nivea Smoothcare Hand Cream

I know this is not the super exciting product review you were probably hoping for, especially given my recent absence from the blog. I have to admit that the last few weeks have been super stressful and days simply blended into one another. Every day is the same, so much that it is not even funny. Letโ€™s hope this is a start.

On days like these, I feel more comfortable going for products I know and love. Or at least brands that I know and love. Maybe that can explain my huge Nivea haul from recent days. There is just something about the brand that takes me back to when life was simple. for that reason, as my not quite comeback, I decided to post about the hand cream I have been using lately. I might have talked about some of its sisters, but today I want to talk about the Nivea Smoothcare Hand Cteam with Shea Butter which is the classic version of the product.

Nivea Smoothcare Hand Cream with Shea Butter

The Nivea Smoothcare Hand cream is a cult product almost. It is not as iconic as the simple cream that comes in a tin, but it is getting there. It might need a few more years, but it is definitely close to achieving the same status.

The hand cream from Nivea comes is a squishy blueish bottle/tube which is one of my favourite designs for hand cream packaging. The bottle is not perfect as you can be left with some product near the cap, but otherwise it works so well. It is easy to squeeze and get product out. It is also easy to close it without getting product all over it.

It matters! Packaging actually matters for more than marketing issues. Just saying ๐Ÿ™‚

Okay, so how about the product itself? The Smoothcare Hand Cream from Nivea is super soft and feels incredibly on the skin. The hand cream does not have a heavy or thick texture. It is not at all buttery. The hand cream is just a tad bit more thick than a lotion.

So it is super soft and feels nice. So what? Well, I do love that. But what matters is that it also leaves your hands feeling soft. So basically the marketing does not lie. The addition of Shea butter definitely contributes to these results, but unlike other products that contain Shea butter, this hand cream is not greasy or thick, as previously mentioned.

Can you go without a tissue? Hmm, you can. The hand cream is not super greasy like some other products on the market. but a tissue might be very useful. Especially if you plan on typing soon after use. However, given the price of this product that should not be a major issue. Here is definitely an improvement in this regard when compared to other similarly priced or even more expensive market offerings.

As for the fragrance, the hand cream from Nivea has that classic Nivea fragrance. It might not be quite identical, but it is close. It is soft and nice and for me personally, comforting. The scent is not overpowering.

Overall, while the Nivea Smoothcare Hand cream might not be much, it is exactly what it needs to be. It is a good hand cream that protects your hands. Also, it is easy to stick in your bag and use it whenever you need to. It might not be a miracle worker and it might not work overtime at repairing your skin, but it definitely does a good job at protecting it. It is a good product for maintenance if you will.

Where can you buy the Nivea Smoothcare Hans cream from?

The hand cream should be available at all or most drugstores. In addition, you should be able to find it in the beauty section of your supermarket. Well, the markets that carry non owned brand products.

Do you have a comforting scent?

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