What to expect from Marks and Spencer this Christmas

marks and Spencer beauty advent calendar

I received the news yesterday, but I was a bit too upset to share it right away. Pus, I wanted to give you the opportunity to have a good night sleep rather than hear the upsetting news.

You might have heard rumours by now, and sadly, they are true. Marks and Spencer will not be releasing a new beauty advent calendar in 2020. This is to be expected to be honest. I hate to admit it as I am a huge M&S fan, in fact as I am writing this I realised that the only garment (if we can all it that) that I have on that is not from M&S are my socks.

I do shop at M&S quite a lot and do find stuff that I love. They do try to improve everything quite a bit, if you are unfamiliar as to why, you will find out below in a moment. Howard, this does mean they often took away the stuff I loved the most. Hmm, it is what it is.

Marks and Spencer went through various restructuring processes in the past few years thus the reason why their stuff changes so much as well, but regardless of these processes and bringing on new designers, they simply cannot hack it. The brand cannot appeal to the masses. I recently read an interview where the elders stated that they find most of the clothing inappropriate for their age, some find them too young looking while others are too cool to be seen wearing the clothes and younger people find the clothes not appealing. This is hugely problematic and has an impact on the bottom line. It must be noted that to begin with, M&S’ bottom line looks very different form the one of many high street brands as they are actually one of the retailers with the highest score in terms of corporate governance and by corporate governance we refer here to the new definition which also included sustainability. In laymen terms, they care about their employees and pay fair wages, but they are also careful where they resource their prime materials from and try to ensure that no illegal activities such as child labour is involved. This ultimately means that they have a much lower profit margin than other companies, especially when compared to other retailers. So by considering the two main aspects mentioned above, it is pretty much a given that this pandemic caused even more issues sadly. As far as I know, Marks and Spencer are in the process of trying to get back on their feet which sadly means that certain things, including the beauty advent calendar will be impacted as well. It is truly sad as they always provided such great value (see last year’s calendar review here), but I would rather go by one year without their magical calendar and enjoy more years of the clothing, food and everything else.

In short, the rumours are true There will be no Marks and Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar in 2020.

However, not all is lost. Marks and Spencer will release a new edition of their beauty discovery box really soon as well as some single brand beauty advent calendars and Christmas beauty gifts. Christmas is still on! The news about the calendar is sad, especially since this was one of the calendars I was pretty much set on getting this year, but I take whatever I can get.

Stay tuned as I will share more details soon.

How do you feel about the lack of a Marks and Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar?

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