How to clear out your pores with Dermapore

It has been a while since I posted a review. All those beauty advent calendar launches definitely took over all my free time. I am back now, at least for the time being and what better way to return to beauty reviews than by reviewing a type of products I have never reviewed before – a beauty device.

I am not the kind of person who buys lots of beauty devices. I mean, I look at them from time to time, but always give up as most are expensive and I would rather use my money on skincare products that work rather then end up with an expensive gadget that I never use whether it works or not. I am simply not used to having a device in my routine and I fear that I would ignore it too often or worse, that it won’t work at all.

So how did I decided to get the Dermapore device? Well, I was tempted by a goody bag from Cult Beauty back in early summer and was not sure whether to get it or not since the products I wanted were not in stock. I kept going back to the website in hopes that I would remember something else I wanted and the Dermapore device by Dermaflash just popped on my screen. I had no idea what it was so I clicked on it, got the gist and made an impulse buy really. I just went for it and hoped for the best. Despite exercising control in many aspects of my life (I always wanted to use that line – can anyone recognise it?), now seriously, yes I am a bit of a control freak but surprisingly a selective one lately, when it comes to beauty I do make impulse purchases, but usually only when it comes to really affordable items. This is the story how I ended up owning a Dermapore device by Dermaflash. Now let’s talk about the device, what it does and whether it actually works or whether I ended up making a huge mistake.

Dermapore Beauty Tool Review

The Dermapore device by Dermaflash is a beauty tool with a dual function. On one hand, the device is meant to help you clear out the junk form your pores, and on the other, it can help your skin absorb your skincare products more efficiently. Personally, I care more about the first aspect more, but to each their own.

Unlike other such devices, the Dermapore by Dermaflash beauty tool does not use classic extraction mechanisms that are painful and can cause more damage than good. Instead, this beauty tool uses sonic movements to gently loosen up the junk – you know, similarly to the sonic electric toothbrushes? That might seem like an odd comparison but I hope it was effective in getting my point across. There is no tugging at the skin nor any vacuum like sensation involved.

To be honest, once I placed the order, I was super excited to get the device, but when I actually got it, I was worried. I was worried that this product would resemble or feel like one device many facialists use at the end of a treatment that uses a bit of electric current. You know the one I am talking about? I do not know what it is called, but personally I cannot stand it. It makes my entire body feel so weird and not just my face and whenever I ask the facialist to tone it down, they usually complain that it is pointless to use it at a lower intensity… The Dermapore device is not like that though. Thankfully! If it had been, it would have gone straight into the trash. I worried for no reason.

The Dermapore beauty tool feels quite okay on the skin. It is not painful, not unless you are trying to extract something more than a blackhead. When it comes to pimples, it might hurt a little bit. But before we delve more into that, let’s talk about efficiency.

Is the Dermapore efficient? YES. The short answer is yes and the results are noticeable right away. The tool works surprisingly well and clears the skin quite nicely. I do not suggest you abuse the tool, of course not, but use it once per week or so and you will undoubtedly see results even in the long term. Short term results are visible right away. Really visible.

Okay, now let’s talk more in detail. So, as I mentioned above, you can use one side of the tip of the device to extract blackheads and the other to make your skincare products work harder.

The extraction side is efficient as I mentioned above. My skin has never looked more clear. The extraction process can be quite painless. All you need to do is to wet your skin, really wet it and close your eyes as you run the tip of the device over the skin you wish to clear. As you move the device over your skin, the water on your skin will turn into a fine mist and could get into your eyes which is not what you want as it could contain some of the dirt you extracted. This is for blackheads. The same is applicable for bigger spots, but those can hurt a bit more, however significantly less than if you were to pop them (please do not do that no matter how tempting it is).

In order to get the device to help with your skincare routine, all you need to do is turn the device to the other side. However, does the tool really help your skincare products work harder? That is debatable. Some products might get absorbed faster, but I am not sure whether that is because the clearing side of the device helped my skin or because this side does something special.

The skin looks better, no question about that. However, I really cannot tell whether it is the extraction side or both that contribute to the results. Also, I must mention that the tool should definitely not be abused and in order to maintain long term results, the tool does need to become part of your weekly routine. If you only use it when you remember you have it, the results might not be as impressive. The same goes for anything really…Dont; feel bad as I am also very guilty of doing this when it comes to certain products, but I do try my best to incorporate useful items in my routine and keep at it.

Overall, I highly recommend this device if you want a little help in keeping your pores a bit more clean. Please note that a good skincare routine is also required *wink.

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