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Oh My Cream is a clean beauty French boutique retailer. You might have heard of it or even seen it mentioned on this blog before. Not that long ago I posted my first ever (international) order with them and shared my experience here.

This time, I wanted to talk to you about their latest launch – a series of beauty kits filled with clean beauty goodies.

Oh My Cream Best Sellers Beauty Kit – buy here

Oh My Cream Skincare Cleansing Balm (150ml): A creamy cleansing balm that turns into an oil to completely dissolve makeup, while minimizing the appearance of blemishes and redness. – RRP €29

Susanne Kaufmann Facial Cleansing Gel (100ml): A gentle cleansing gel with generous foam, formulated with sugar to gently cleanse normal to combination skin. – RRP €38

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (75g): A daily exfoliant in powder  that turns into a fine foam on contact with water to reveal a clearer and brighter complexion, free of dead cells and imperfections. – RRP €66

Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask (75ml): A creamy mask with manuka honey, which gently cleanses while intensely hydrating the skin, to fight against blemishes and dull complexion. – RRP €34

BioRegenerate Rosier Sauvage Pai Skincare Oil (30ml): The brand’s cult and universal skincare oil, with regenerating properties to help healing, repair damaged skin and correct complexion irregularities. – RRP €29

Schmidt’s Bergamot and Lemon Natural Deodorant (75g): A 100% natural bergamot and lemon deodorant that effectively absorbs moisture and odors. – RRP €11.9

Lebon “Une Piscine à Antibes” toothpaste (75ml): A 100% natural and ultra-refreshing toothpaste based on Mint and Liquorice. – RRP €12.9

Cut by Fred Vegan Hydration Mask (400ml): A moisturizing and nourishing mask with sweet almond that brings suppleness and shine to all hair. – RRP €34

Egyptian Magic Balm (59ml): Egyptian Magic Cream is a 100% natural and multi-purpose SOS balm, which intensely nourishes the skin and helps it to heal better, while providing it with an anti-bacterial action. – RRP €25

Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara (a 8ml): A 99% natural deep black mascara that envelops lash to lash for an intense look. – RRP €30

This kit containing 10 cult beauty products was created in collaboration with Rive Droite and has a price of €180. The value of this kit based on the above prices is of around €309. Get it here.

Oh My Cream Iconic Makeup Kit – buy here

Ilia Liquid Light Complexion Illuminator Serum Nova (5ml – mini): An highlighter to mix with your foundation or to apply in touches to reveal the natural “glow” of all skin types. – RRP €45 for 15ml so this one is worth €15

Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara (8g): A 99% natural deep black mascara that envelops lash to lash for an intense look. – RRP €30

RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek shade Modest (4g): A cream shadow that is both lipstick and blush that colors naturally thanks to its mineral pigments, while hydrating the skin. – RRP €39

RMS Beauty Wild With Desire Lipstick shade Jezebel (4.5g): Comfortable and hydrating lipsticks with vibrant shades, a matte finish and impeccable hold. – RRP €32

Kure Bazaar Stiletto nail polish (10ml): the iconic and timeless red nail polish from the clean nail polish brand. – RRP €16

This kit contains 5 products, 4 of which are full sized. The kit has a price of €65 and a value of €132 . You can get it here.


The Oh My Cream Beauty kits are pretty cute, don’t you think? I am quite fond of the first one as for the makeup one I have no need for at this time and I am sure you get that as well. I already have enough makeup I cannot wear and with this being clean, I won’t get to wear it before it expires most likely so…. unless you live in a country with no restrictions, but even then I recommend wearing a mask and staying in as much as possible. And this is not a political statement.

Anyway, let’s talk a bit more about the first kit. The products inside are pretty darn amazing. I have tried quite a few and loved them. However, this is a kit you might want to avoid if you haven’t opened your advent calendar (sorry for the spoilers!). If you haven’t, then maybe you will want to do so now and see whether you like the products so that you can get some of them in the kit in full size for less money. Other than that, I don’t have that many comments. I love how the kit covers a bit of everything, that the products are all in full size and from brands that are pretty great at what they do. This is definitely one to get if you are looking for something nice. You get value and clean beauty products all in one.

Grab your beauty kits here.

What do you think of these kits from Oh My Cream?

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