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Is the K-Beauty retailer Tonic15 Legit?

Over the past few months, I kept bringing up a new online beauty retailer that specialises in K-Beauty and that is based in the United Kingdom, but offers international delivery (albeit limited now). Some of you reached out to me, especially when I posted some of their beauty kits, to ask me whether the website is legit or not.

I am here to answer that question and talk a bit about my experience with the store.

This is not the first time I saying this and I am sure it won’t be the last. Shopping for the first time with a new retailer, more so with an online retailer, can be daunting. Clicking on a few buttons and giving them you a small or larger chuck of your money requires a bit of trust. That trust cannot be there yet, not when you do not know the retailer and have a positive experience with them. I get that. I sometimes worry as well, but that is also the reason why I keep writing such posts; I want you to know a little bit better what you are getting into.

I first shopped at Tonic15 a couple of months ago. You see, they are one of the few retailers that carry one of my favourite K-Beauty brands – Huxley. However, they are the online retailer I found that sell a wider selection of their products. The product I wanted the most was sold out and stayed that way for a long time, but when it was back in stock, I did not hesitate. I went for it and as such, I placed my first order with the retailer.

The delivery was fast. I got my products in around 3-4 working days. However, what surprised me the most was that the parcel did not contain any plastic. The box was made of cardboard and the opening seal was also a bit of card you needed to pull, much like the Amazon parcels have, but without the plastic bit. Also, there was no tape. Inside, there was no extra cushioning either and yet, my products arrived in one piece with no scratches on them. Things might be different if you get some of the products that have a glass container, but since mine were plastic and less breakable, there was no need. I was pleasantly surprised. You have no idea how many times a courier judged me based on the amount of stuff I purchased…if they only knew that those huge boxes contained one-two products while they could have contained tens. I am sick and tired of extra wrapping, especially when it is not needed and it is not something I would be reusing. Plus opening a parcel and getting your products is fun, but removing the tape and everything and making it fit into a rubbish bag is less so. With Tonic15, it was super easy. I just removed my products and dissembled the box is like 2 seconds. Not sure whether you care or not, but I was surprised and impressed, dare I say, about this. These small things can go unnoticed, but when you are a shopaholic, they can become annoying after a while so anything that challenges the stays quo is welcomed.

As for the products, they were original. The quality was superb. I had absolutely no doubt that the products were genuine (I did check and I was right). Plus, K-Beauty products in general have an expiration date on them which increase confidence levels. However, in time you can pretty much tell. I have yet to see a fake that comes in pristine condition. They usually look weird, have spelling mistakes or the packaging is ruined. Of course there court be other issues as well, but none of these were present with Tonic15.

So yes, Tonic15 is legit. More so, it is a retailer that I highly recommend if you are a lover of K-Beauty products.

As mentioned in the intro, the retailer even ships internationally. However, it seems that at least for now, they limited their shipping to Canada, UK, USA and Australia. This is a pity as there used to be way more counties on the list. If you live in any of the four countries, then I highly recommend you check the retailer out. Please note though that my experience with Tonic15 was for UK deliveries. Did you really think that I stopped at just one? When have i? πŸ™‚

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Have you ever shopped at Tonic15 before? What was your experience like?

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    1. Nana

      I highly recommend it! They have some cool stuff that cannot be purchased otherwise in the UK. Too bad they stopped shipping internationally though

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