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As I am sure that many of you heard already, one beloved cosmetics brand has decided to close its doors in September 2021. Yes, that is right. The brand that made highlight become a staple in our makeup routines, BECCA Cosmetics released a statement earlier today announcing its closing.

The news comes after a year of less than satisfactory financial results and multiple product launch flops. The brand has even stated in the post they shared on Instagram that they are forced to shut down due to the many challenges their had to face during this particularly difficult year that resulted as a consequence of the pandemic.

While I am certain that as a makeup brand, BECCA Cosmetics faced great challenged during this past year, I am personally not convinced that is the only reason. However, I do not have any inside in formation and everything that I could say would be pure speculation. Personally though, I never really found the appeal. Some of their products did look good, but many did not really deliver the results I had been expecting, especially not their iconic products. Strangely enough, the products that did catch my attention and that I wanted to try are the ones that flopped. *shrug.

Regardless of my personal feeling on the matter, I wanted to share the news with you as it is not every day we see a brand this big closing its door permanently. Furthermore, I am sure that some of you are fans of the brand and I wanted to raise awareness of this topic as I would have for you to miss out on the opportunity to stock up on your favourite products. I sure would!

So yes, the BECCA Cosmetics will cease its operations this upcoming fall. Shop while you still can!

You can find BECCA Cosmetics products at the following locations: Cult Beauty, Sephora, Ulta and more retailers that sell beauty products.

What do you think of this news? Which products do you love from Becca Cosmetics?

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  1. Day

    Great article and I agree with you. They made it really big with Jaclyn Hill’s champagne pop, but the brand sort of died down after.

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