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Oh My Cream Spring Goodie Bag

Oh My Cream is back again with a new beauty bag /gift with purchase. I am starting to like this brand even more than I already did. It seems that this clean beauty boutique keep on surprising us with pretty cute gifts with purchase. Really happy for this development, aren’t you?

Okay, let’s see what the French retailer has in store for us this time around. Let’s have a look at the Spring Goodie Bag contents, shall we?

Oh My Cream Spring Goodie Bag Contents

Ren Skincare  Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Gel (25ml) – worth €3.8

Pai Skincare Anthemis Crème Hydratante Apaisante  (miniature – 10ml) – worth €8

Kat Burki Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream Crème Visage (miniature – 10ml) – worth €24.3

Olio E Osso Baume Blush en Stick (teinte Berry, full size) – worth €28

Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum Sérum Rajeunissant ( 10ml ) – worth €33.6

Aurelia Probiotic Cell Repair Night Oil Huile Réparatrice  (miniature – 15ml) – worth €25.2

Rudolphe Care Açai Facial Scrub Mask Gommage Visage (miniature – 25ml) – worth €10.5

Susanne Kaufmann Enzyme Peel Peeling Enzymatique (miniature – 15ml) – worth €17.4

Patyka Revitalizing Body Scrub (150 ml, full size) – worth €26

Christophe Robin  Regenrating Mask with Prickly Pear Seed Oil (miniature – 50ml) – worth €10.6

How to qualify for the Goodie Bag

The Goodie Bag from Oh My Cream is a beauty gift with purchase. As always, you need to spend a certain amount in order to receive the goodie bag as a gift. In this instance, you need to spend €150 and enter the code SPRING21  at checkout.

I am not trying to be patronising, I know that the majority of you know, but I have some new readers on here (welcome and thank you!) and I know some of them are a bit unfamiliar with these offers.

The beauty bag is available for purchase here.

How much is the goodie bag worth?

The goodie bag from Oh My Cream is worth approximately €187.4, based on my calculations. By taking advantage of this offer you are basically getting double the value of the amount you spend. That is a pretty neat deal if I do say so myself.


First of all, if you are worried about ordering from this new retailer, you don’t need to be. I found the retailer quite reliable and there have been no issued with any of my previous orders. You can read more about my first experience with them here if you think that will help put your mind at ease. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk a bit about the products.

I do not know about you but I actually find this beauty gift with purchase form Oh My Cream quite cute. There are quite a few products here that look really interesting, even though I have not tried them myself. I am quite curious to give more than a few of these products a try. However, the best part is not that these products have not made an appearance in other beauty gifts with purchase, even though that is definitely a plus, but that these products are clean. Yes, your that right. The Oh My Cream retailer offers only clean beauty products so that makes it even more special as there are not that many retailer that do so. They all squeeze in a few products here and there that the majority of beauty lovers would not call “clean”.

Otherwise, I cannot really comment on the products themselves. Like I mentioned previously, I am quite curious about some of the products and the brands themselves are some of the best ones I found in this niche. I am a huge fan of Suzanne Kaufmann and Tata Harper in particularly, but I have enjoyed a few things from the other retailers as well over time. While I cannot say for certain that all of these products are amazing and that they will work wonders on your skin, I can say that there is a chance to find some gems among the products mentioned above. Personally, I kinda like this beauty gift and would give it a try.

What do you think of this new offer from Oh My Cream?

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** Photos Credit: Oh My Cream France


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