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Gisou Honey Infused Hair Wash Review

Given the Gisou has finally made its way to the United Kingdom, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to talk more about the brand and its products, starting with the Honey Infused Hair Wash. Don’t you agree?

Gisou, the brand – a short introduction

But first, for those of you who are not at all familiar with Gisou, here is what you need to know. The brand was founded by Negin Mirsalehi (Dutch blogger) and while it was established relatively recent, the story behind it goes back several generations. Born in a family with a long tradition in beekeeping, Negin has been exposed to the benefits of honey her entire life. By combining her knowledge of honey with her love of all things beauty, today, we all get to experience what was born of that love and that is this haircare brand – Gisou. Oh yes, I forgot to mention the most important part – Gisou is a honey and propolis based haircare brand (not that it was not super obvious by now).

(I also need to start writing more of these intros, or never attempt them ever again. What do you think?)

Gisou Honey Infused Hair Wash

Leaving aside the sleek and beautiful packaging design, this haircare brand is not anything like the average drugstore haircare brands. Not that it would ever be mistaken as one. Gisou is more boutique/niche and that is pretty obvious from the moment you see the products, but if that did not make it clear, then the price sure would. Since I got myself into this one, the price is pretty much in line with that of other such brands. Small miracles! But more about this later. In the meantime, let’s talk a bit about the product itself.

The Honey Infused Hair Wash is unlike any other shampoo or hair wash I ever tried. The texture is sort of creamy, not runny creamy, but rather sticky creamy and yet not as sticky as I was expecting it to be. It is so weird as even in the bottle you can see the product moving around if you swirl the bottle and yet, it is quite difficult to get it to come out through the pump. Speaking about the pump, I love this feature in any product, but in this case, it is pretty hard to use. You need to press down hard and sometimes you need more than just one pump of product.

Does it work, is the product effective?

I would say yes. My hair has never looked better. My hair is glossy, healthy and yet not too soft. It maintains a pretty great amount of volume. It also feels stronger to a certain extent. I know that perhaps I am not making too much sense right now and my approach to this review is vastly different, but even though in theory everything about this product makes sense, I did not expect to actually enjoy using it for it to actually work.

Okay, in full honesty, I do avoid using the Honey Infused Hair Wash sometimes. I already mentioned that the pump is pretty hard to use and sometimes I might or might not lose patience and remove the pump. However, I also find that the product needs quite a lot of water to generate foam or for you to be able to rub it all over your hair. The product might not seem all that sticky when in the palm of your hand, but it sure sticks to the hair.

I guess, I already have you more than enough reasons to skip it, but seriously – don’t. Yes, I know. I haven’t said this before, not when I found so many negative things to say, but this hair wash not only works and is effective, but what it does to the hair is pretty incredible. Also besides, the straightening of the hair and making it more glossy, I also found the shampoo to be quite hydrating and I strongly believe it is a great contender for anyone who has damaged or dry hair.

If you are worried about the fragrance, don’t be. The shampoo from Gisou does not smell like you would expect honey to smell like. What I meant by that is that the Honey Infused Hair Wash does not smell like a jar of honey. The fragrance is familiar somehow, but I am unable to pinpoint it. It is pretty delicate and it is not one you will be able to sense on yourself after a shot while. It is nice though and it does not bother me at all.

Overall, the Honey Infused Hair Wash from Gisou is not at all what I was expecting it to be, but in some ways it is significantly more. While it might not be the kind of product I would reach out for when in a rush or every single time I wash my hair, I enjoy using it and I can see myself getting more and more bottles in the future as well as other products from he brand. In fact, I already made a new purchase and I cannot wait to share my thoughts on that one with you as well. The Honey Infused Hair Wash from Gisou is truly a unique product as far as I am concerned and well worth every penny.

Where can you purchase the Gisou range from?

Niche Beauty



Sephora Canada

Have you tried anything from Gisou before?

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