SkinCity Summer Essentials Gift

Finally, we have some news from SkinCity as well. SkinCity, the skincare focused retailer from Sweden, is back with a new edition of their beauty gift with purchase. Before moving forward, if you do not have any experience with the retailer, you might want to check out this post here. The retailer ships internationally.

Back to the Summer Essentials beauty gift with purchase now.

SkinCity Summer Essentials Beauty Gift Contents

Decléor Néroli Bigarade Cleansing Mousse, 50 ml

Paula’s Choice Calm Nourishing Cleanser (Normal to Oily Skin), 30 ml

By Wishtrend Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water, 30 ml

Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Ampoules, 1 ampoule (2 ml)

SKINCITY Skincare Sun Protection Mousse SPF30, 50 ml

Dermaceutic Sun Ceutic 50+, 12 ml

Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50, 30 ml

MakeTheMake Hyaluronic Lip Oil, full size

Filorga NCEF Night Mask, 7 ml

Price and Value

The beauty gift with purchase from SkinCity is yours for free if you spend at least £125. The value of the Summer Essentials Gift is of £127.

More details are available here.


I came to never expect anything ‘wow’ from SkinCity and that served me well in the past. It avoids disappointment and ensures that from time to time I can be pleasantly surprised. It sounds harsh, but I just being real. Don’t get me wrong, SkinCity is an amazing retailer and I love their approach to skincare more so than when it comes to any other beauty retailer. They keep it simple and they keep it sort of real as well. There is not too much fuss and that is okay. Going back to the gift, I am not amazed by it, but the Summer Essentials Beauty Gift with Purchase from SkinCity looks pretty neat.

There is only one product in this entire kit that I used before and that is the MakeTheMake Hyaluronic Acid Lip Oil. This is a product I use daily and pretty much love it. It is hydrating, it is not super sticky and it does an amazing job while I can focus on something else. It even looks pretty amazing on and leaves the lips looking fuller, softer and overall more hydrated. I would not wear it under a mask/face covering though, but I do wear it all the time around the house. Then again, I am not surprised that I love this product as I loved everything I used from the brand before. You can also find out more about the MakeTheMake Hyaluronic Acid Duo Illuminizer here and about their Melon Hydrating Mist here. Both products are availble at SkinCity (just a hint if you are unsure what to buy!).

Like I said above, I haven’t used anything else from this kit, however I could not help but notice the inclusion of several SPF products, including the newly launched SkinCity’s own mousse sun screen. I said this with other occasions as well, but personally, I really love the inclusion of several options of SPF. SPF is very person specific and finding the right one is incredibly difficult. I found the best one for me, but it took “kissing” many frogs until I did.

What else? I like the inclusion of some Asian Beauty products. This is one area SkinCity is pretty great at. Yes, in case you missed it, SkinCity is a very good source of Asian Beauty products. They do not carry that many brands, but they do carry some that you do not really see at other retailers, at least not in the UK. The one thing I do not like about the kit is the inclusion of Decléor. SkinCity seems to have an obsession for the brand. Their products make frequent appearances in beauty kits and advent calendars. Personally, I hated every single one of the products I used from Decléor. I know that hate is a strong word which is why I do not use it often, however the situation requires it. I am still hopeful that they do have some hidden gems, but who knows…

Overall, this is a great opportunity to grab some goodies, especially some that are perfect for this upcoming season. If you need to stock up on some things and you can find said things at SkinCity, then this is definitely a good opportunity to do so, however even if you just want to get something new. I do believe this is a gift worth getting.

What do you think of the new Summer Essentials Gift from SkinCity?

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