Juliette has a Gun Lipstick Fever Fragrance

juliette has a gun lipstick fever fragrance

You all know how much I love fragrance and how sorry I am for not having had the opportunity to wear it often for the past 14 months or so. I know that many of you feel my pain. However, I do appreciate this time that I went without as it made it possible for me to rediscover some scents and explore different ones from brands that I haven’t looked at before or in a very long time. I have been stuck in my boutique fragrance stage ever since I discovered them and focused quite a bit in that direction. This fragrance that I will talk about next does not help my case, but it was the start of me being open to different scents that the ones I usually go for.

Juliette has a Gun Lipstick Fever Review

Lipstick Fever is not the first fragrance I tried from Juliette has a Gun and I am sure it won’t be the last. The brand keeps on surprising me time and time again. Their fragrances are so unique and full of personality that it really surprises me that no other brand really attempted to do anything like this before. Okay, maybe they have, but failed for all I know. I am sure that many brands however haven’t had the courage to try though. Now, this is something I am truly certain about.

Juliette has a Gun carries various fragrances which scents that are unexpected. One such fragrance is Lipstick Fever. Oh man, I do not even know how to describe. Actually, that is not true. For once, I know exactly how to describe this scent. What I do not know is how to convince you that I am not crazy, well, short of asking you to find your nearest shop that carries it and go try it out. I really am not crazy, but this fragrance (*I was totally going to write lipstick here), not this fragrance smells exactly like lipstick and not any kind of lipstick, but like the ones we used to find in our relatives’ vanities as children. It smells like old school lipstick and the crazier part? I kinda like it. Not only it makes me think of times long gone, but it actually smells pretty great while on. This is the last scent I ever thought I would like, especially on me, but it works. I am still shocked that I liked it and that it works, to be honest.

Quality wise, the Juliette has a Gun fragrance in Lipstick Fever is pretty great. The fragrance is delicate, it is mysterious and not overpowering. It fits right in and yet when one catches a proper sniff, it makes it impossible not to catch their attention even if they might be unable to tell what the fragrance actually smells like. It would be hard for someone to pinpoint the scent unless they do wear it themselves or are familiar with it. It is pretty unique and bold. Bold in the sense that no many would dare create such a perfume. In my life, I must have worn a couple hundred perfumes for various periods of time and I have yet to encounter any that smell like this one. I am being serious.

Overall, I truly enjoyed the Lipstick Fever fragrance from Juliette has a Gun and would wear it again. However, I am not sure whether I will ever purchase it. I might get a 10ml bottle, if such bottles were available, very once in a while. I would enjoy receiving small samples of it every now and then, but I do not see myself making this my signature fragrance or it becoming one of my to-go-to products. However, I do believe that you MUST try it at least once. It is truly unique in my opinion.

Where can you find the Juliette has a Gun Lipstick Fever fragrance?


John Lewis or the discovery kit.

Sephora Canada

Harvey Nichols or the discovery kit.


Have you ever tried this perfume? What did you think?

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