Niche Beauty Winter Bag Gift with Purchase

niche beauty winter bag free gift

There is a new goody bag on the horizon and this time, it is coming from the German retailer Niche Beauty. If you’ve never shopped at Niche Beauty before, then you might want tot read this article first. However, if you are too curious to find out what the new goody bag contains, then read more details below. There is a surprise at the end!

Niche Beauty Winter Bag Gift with Purchase Contents

5 Original Sizes
RMS / Lipstick Rapture, 4,5 g
DEBORAH LIPPMANN / My Old Flame, 15ml
PERRICONE MD / High Potency Cleanser, 59ml
PAI / Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil, 10ml
AGENT NATEUR / Holi (Oil) Refining Ageless Face Serum, 10ml

12 Luxury Travel Sizes
OMOROVICZA / Blue Diamond Concentrate, 5ml
BLOOM & BLOSSOM / All Night Long Calming Sleep Spray, 40ml
VENN / Age-Reversing All-in-One Concentrate, 20ml
AURELIA / Balance & Purify Citrus Cleanser, 30ml
REN SKINCARE / Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic, 50ml
HOURGLASS / Unlocked Mascara, 5ml
FURTUNA / Visione De Luce Eye Revitalizing Cream Deluxe, 4ml
DR. BARBARA STURM / Face Scrub, 20ml
MILLER HARRIS / Tea Tonique Body Wash, 60ml
SUNDAY RILEY / C.E.O. Rapid Brightening Serum, 5ml
DR. LEVY SWITZERLAND / Pollution Shield 5PF, 5ml
ILES FORMULA / 3 Step System, 1x

Price and Value

The new winter bag beauty gift with purchase from Niche Beauty is worth £370. In order to qualify for this beauty gift with purchase, all you need to do is spend £225.

The beauty gift with purchase ships internationally. Shop here.


Usually the beauty gift with purchase from Niche Beauty can also be purchased separately. Personally, I was unable to find it for the UK, but you might want to have a look around the website under gift sets once selecting your own country just in case. When you choose to get the goody bag as a gift set, you usually pay around 30% of the amount you were supposed to spend in order to get it for free. You still get the whole value though so it becomes like a value kit rather than a gift with purchase.

On this occasion, I do not have any comments on the individual products as I haven’t tried any of them in quite some time. However, I do want to say that I do not find the beauty gift that impressive on this occasion. I honestly don’t. Sadly, that seems to be the case with all new Niche Beauty launches this winter. There is a huge but though and here is where the surprise comes in.

While I expected other retailers to have similar offers such as the one I will showcase below, that was not the case this year even though it was pretty much the case last year. Niche Beauty did manage to make it possible (probably due to the fact that their launches were not as impressive?). Anyway, without such ado….

You can get the Niche Beauty Advent Calendar and still qualify for this beauty gift with purchase!! If the advent calendar is of interest, then you might want to read more about it here first, or just skip the article all together and rush to the checkout. Your choice 🙂

By getting the beauty advent calendar, you can end up spending £270 while receiving a value of:

£370 (the value of the gift) plus £680 (the value of the calendar) so a total of £1050.

Now, this makes both the advent calendar and the gift with purchase significantly more worth getting. This pretty much makes the calendar reach those impressive values we have seen with other British advent calendars and what we were expecting to see from Niche Beauty as well, with it being a luxury retailer and all.

If you are curious whether I will be taking advantage of this offer, the answer is honestly I do not know. I thought about it and even added the contents to my basket, but I had a look at my “shopping” bank account (I found out that it is a good idea to keep things separate) and yeah… there is still a while to go until I get my next pay check (see below) and not only do I want to have some “beauty allowance” left, but also need to cover some hefty software subscriptions until then. See? this is how I get myself to back down. If anything else comes along that I might want more (not the Net a Porter advent calendar though) then I want to have some “allowance” to grab it. The reason why I excluded the N-a-P advent calendar is back I know that one will be going on my primary account. I made peace with it. I said peace as I somehow developed this thing where I keep my primary account rounded up at all times. I sometimes round it up if I can find sponsors (read bank of Mom) or down and the extra goes towards (beauty) shopping. By rounding, I usually mean from hundred to hundred so not huge amounts, but it kinda works…. I try not to touch that account and make adjustments only on payday. If you are curious about how this process also helps me stay on track and save some money, then I might just share a post on this as well even of it is not entirely beauty related.

The idea is that I am hesitating on whether I should take advantage of this new Niche Beauty offer. I kinda want to to be honest but I trying to talk myself out of it as you gathered from above. This year in general, I mostly went for offers that I did not have to think twice about and for which I did not feel even remotely guilty.

Shop Niche Beauty here.

What do you think of this new winter bag? Are you taking advantage of the advent calendar + goody bag offer?

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15 thoughts on “Niche Beauty Winter Bag Gift with Purchase

  1. OMG could it be that we will get the Space NK and the cult beauty and the Niche beauty goody bags all in one week (this week)??

      1. Oh yes! I forgot about the HN one… I’m totally holding out for the CB. I still want two of those Christmas boxes and together with the goody bag it would be the most amazing value ever (for me) 🥳. Last year I got one day early access, haven’t seen an email yet though. Do you know when it launches already?

      2. It is out already. BESTGOODY I believe is the code. I got mine with the boxes 🙂 will post later today all the details, but you should be able to get with the code if you signing in

  2. Just tried the code and it doesn’t work on both of my accounts. I do not have an UK address and haven’t received any email. Do you have any tips?

    1. Hmm. That is weird. I also had the Goody bag shipped at my home address which is a non UK one. The minimum spend is £185 and yes the code is BESTGOODY. If it does not work, can you email me and will try to forward you the email later

  3. Wow good info there Nina! I haven’t received the early access email this year unfortunately. Can you share the minimum spend so I can prepare my shopping bag 😉

  4. I can’t wait to see what’s inside. You must have VIP access. Is it any good? Better than the one posted above ;-)?

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