Summer Fridays Cloud Dew oil-free Moisturiser

summer fridays cloud dew oil free moisturiser mini jar

Summer Fridays is not a brand that has many launches, but ever launch is without a doubt one worth having a closer look at. One of brand’s latest products is a light moisturiser that gives a healthy boost of hydration. The new Cloud Dew Oil-Free Moisturise from Summer Fridays supposedly helps plump up skin without the heaviness of a regular cream. Sounds good, right? But does the Summer Fridays Moisturiser deliver? 

Summer Fridays Could Dew Oil-Free Moisturiser 

Like I mentioned in the introduction, the new moisturiser from Summer Fridays is specifically formulated as lightweight as possible to provide excellent hydration without any oiliness. This is good news for all those of us with oily skin and I am happy to report that indeed the Cloud Dew moisturiser does a good job in providing the desired effects everyone with oily skin seeks and not just those – the moisturiser is indeed lightweight and does not leave the skin feeling greasy/oily. 

However, the moisturiser does leave the skin looking dewy which is interesting in general, but particularly for those such as myself who have struggled to find the right balance between dewy and oily basically an entire life. Okay, that is a bit of an exaggeration, but you get my point. I am a dewy look kind of girl and that is not easy to achieve without falling in the one extreme I do not want to and my skin type does not make matters easier. 

summer fridays cloud dew oil free moisturiser

But does the Cloud Dew moisturiser work in improving the overall complexion? I tested it out so you do not have to. I wanted to see if this Summer Fridays moisturiser could reduce any of my existing oiliness or prevent it from happening in the first place. The answer is sadly no.  Look, there is no denying that the product is indeed hydrating and helps the skin quite a bit, but the effects are obviously nowhere near those of a good HA serum. As you know, some of the oiliness our skin shows can be due to lack of proper skin hydration and the oil is caused by our glands working extra hard to compensate. Also, given the level of hydration experienced from this moisturiser, I do not think it would be very suitable or enough for those with very dry skin. It might be worth a try as the product is soothing, but I am really not sure whether it would be enough. 

My complexion did look overall better even if other products are needed to help with the underlying issues. The Cloud Dew Moisturiser left my face glowy rather than matte as most other lightweight products I tried in the past. 

What is unique about the Summer Friday’s Cloud Dew Oil-Free Moisturiser?

My instinct was to answer this question with “nothing”, however that is not exactly true. There is nothing particularly special about the product, at least not in my opinion, but its ability to hydrate and plump the skin without leaving an oily residue even on oily skin and still leave a dewy finish rather than a matte one is sort of impressive. It is not unique though, but this feature deserves a mention.

summer fridays cloud dew oil free moisturiser

So in conclusion, if you have oily skin the new Cloud Dew oil-free moisturiser from Summer Fridays is a product you can check out because it is very lightweight, it does not go greasy on your skin and it does provide the desired effects of moisture and hydration and a light dewy finish. 

Personally, I enjoyed this moisturiser quite a bit, but I have to say that it is not exactly what I hoped it would be. I am more than happy to use it again in the future, but I am not in a rush to buy it. I do have other moirtsuwrs that I enjoy more such as the Indeed Labs HyDraluron one.

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What do you think of the Cloud Dew Moisturiser?

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