Niche Beauty Glow to Go bag Gift with Purchase – Worth £440

niche beauty glow to go gift with purchase

After several soft lunches, Niche Beauty is back in full force with a full sized beauty gift with purchase. All the details about this new Goody Bag which you can grab for free from Niche Beauty are available below, plus some of my usual commentary of course :).

Niche Beauty Glow to Go Bag Contents

HOLIFROG / Galilee Antioxidant Dewy Drop, 50ml
AIME / French Glow, 60 Pieces
SARAH CHAPMANN / Eye Insurance SPF 30, 15ml
VENN / Symbiotic Defense Mist, 50ml
PAI / Carbon Star, 10ml

TATA HARPER / Resurfacing Serum, 10ml
DR. LEVY SWITZERLAND / Eye Booster Concentrate, 7ml – review
OSKIA / Renaissance Mask, 15ml
SERUMKIND / Black Blossom Drop, 5ml
KAT BURKI / Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream, 10ml
SUNDAY RILEY / Good Genes Glycolic Acid Treatment, 5ml
INDIE LEE / Brightening Cleanser, 15ml
U BEAUTY / The Barrier Bioactive Treatment, 10ml
LANCER / Peel Pad, 1 Piece
CHANTECAILLE / Radiance Elixir, 4ml


Price and Value

The new Niche Beauty Glow to Go Gift with Purchase is worth £440, however you can grab it for free if you spend £225 across products from the retailer.

As always, the Goody bag is also available for purchase as a gift set and if you decide to go down this route instead, the gift can be yours for just £63. Grab the gift set here.

The new gift with purchase from Niche Beauty/gift set from Niche Beauty ships internationally.

Shop the Niche Beauty Glow to Go Bag now.

Comments on the Niche Beauty Glow to Go Bag

Not bad, Niche Beauty! Not bad at all. At least this was my first impression upon seeing the contents of the Goody bag.

You all know that Niche Beauty does not often impress me. I like their offerings sure, but I rarely rushed to the checkout to grab them. Their Goody bags are not bad per se and I do want to emphasis this, but they just do not appeal to me as much as other such offers usually do. One of the reasons is, I guess, the lack of low to mid priced products to choose from when attempting to get the Goody bag for free. I am more excited about up and coming, “cool” brands than most £££ products *shrug. There is nothing bad with luxury products, but for now I would rather get those in Goody bag or limited edition 📦. That is just me though.

Anyway, in terms of contents, this new Goody bag from a Niche Beauty is pretty well balanced and contains quite a few interesting products. I love the focus on skincare as well as the inclusion of brands we do not get to see all that often in the offerings from other retailers i.e Holifrog, Serumkind or even Lancer.

A highlight for this Goody bag for me is the Dr Levy Eye Booster Concentrate which is the best eye serum/product I have ever come across. This is a product I actually felt it did something and whose effects were rather visible. The review is linked above.

Overall, this is one of the best Goody bags/gifts with purchase that Niche Beauty has released in a long time and it is one worth grabbing. I am not going as far as to say that you would miss out on the best deal of your life if you skip this, as that is not the case here, but this is a good alternative to all the other Goody bags and beauty offers currently on the market.

What do you think of this new Niche Beauty Glow to Go Bag?

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