Ohii Get Fresh Brightening Toner Pads

Ohii is a brand that caught my attention right from when it launched. It looked like this cool brand that had the potential to become quite big, think the next Glossier. It definitely had the cool factor and it being launched by Urban Outfitters was definitely in their advantage. Now I am not sure whether the brand will ever make it that big, but it is definitely growing.

I have been playing with Ohii from Urban Outfitters for just about a year now. I know I haven’t talked about it on here before, but I guess it is time to change that. For that reason, I want to start out conversion on Ohii by talking about their Brightening Toner Pads.

There seems to be such an explosion of Toner Pads everywhere nowadays. Did you also notice that? I have quite  a few jars now and it was definitely time to get started on using them. They take way too much space! Which brings me to my first point.


Ohii Brightening Toner Pads Review

The Brightening Toner Pads from Ohii come in some pretty big jars – think apple sized. Sure, an apple is not that big, but when the jar comes half empty… Yeah. I know I am fixating on this, but seriously people? Seriously? Why would anyone use a jar this big on a product that would be a great for travel? The brand could have gotten away with using a jar that was half the size of the one they actually used, but then again I guess the jar would have not been that visible nor would it have been that instagrammable? Cause Ohii is definitely an Instagram brand.

Wow. I don’t think I ever talked this much about packaging in a review before. But while I do love the Ohii toner pad jars, they are slightly big and take up too much space. Plus, they are not that easy to take away on a trip when they should have been. I have to admit that they do look pretty cute in photos, but still! They can still be slightly inconvenient and most of all, there is a waste of plastic.

Speaking about waste, the main issue with this kind of product and not just this one from Ohii is that there is a lot of waste going on. I am not talking just about the plastic jars, but also about the entire concept. Think single use pads. Not only that, but the jars come with only 40 pads which translates into 40 uses if you are lucky. That is if you can get away with using just one pad. I  am like 1000% sure that I get way more uses out of a toner bottle than I do from a jar of these pads. Here I am referring to only full sized toner bottles as that is what the price of these pads indicates.

The Brightening Toner Pads from Ohii are priced at £14 or €19 which is steep. That is pretty much too expensive for what these toner pads really are.

I know that I babbled and babbled, but I thought that I should try to switch things up in my reviews a tiny bit. Was it this review different? Maybe. However, it might have been slightly aggravating for some so I will tone it down. I am not done yet, so do bear with me as the most important thing is coming up.

Are the Brightening Toner Pads from Ohii any good?


Hmm. Look, I love using these pads because they are convenient and when I am feeling lazy, these are right next to me… The pads themselves have these ridges which help exfoliate the skin a bit and leave it super soft. That I can definitely get behind! Furthermore, the pads do make my skin slightly more bright and as such, they are perfect to use in the morning before applying makeup. In additional, the pads smell pretty great due to the grapefruit and the raspberries. That is something that truly brightens my morning (no pun intended). However, despite the fact that I do not think that these pads are half bad, I do feel like sometimes they leave my skin a bit sticky. Not sure whether sticky is really the best word to describe the feeling, but my skin does not feel as refreshed as when using an actual toner. I guess this is a better explanation. It is just not the same.

Overall, no matter how cute the toner pads are and all that, I am not entire sure that I would buy these exact pads again. The pads do come in three versions and I would try (will be trying actually fro review purposes) the other ones. I really would try the other ones regardless of whether I actually already own them as I am writing this. I know that this is my first review on Ohii, but trust me, you should definitely not give up on this brand just yet. I have some pretty amazing products from the brand that I will review soon. As people often tell me, maybe I should have started with those?

What is done is done.

Also, before I go, I wanted to mention that the Get Fresh Toner Pads from Ohii are vegan, paraben free and they have not been tested on animals.

Where can you buy the Ohii Toner pads?

The Ohii Brightening Toner Pads are available at Urban Outfitters EU and for my readers outside the EU, at Urban Outfitters US and rest of the world.

Have you tried anything from Ohii?

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