The Body Shop Japanese Matcha Tea Mask

I have never been head over heels when it comes to the Body Shop. Their colourful products have definitely attracted me ever since I was a child, but their customer service always made me leave the stores. However, when their luxury collection was released, I was definitely more interested to try and get my hands on some of their products. That is how I ended up trying the Japanese Matcha Tea Mask. 

The Body Shop Japanese Matcha Tea Mask is more expensive than your typical Body Shop product. I know! But I had to mention it,  as I feel that the price is a pretty important factor consider. The price is one of the reasons why I did not get the entire collection of face masks. In the end, I got this Matcha Tea mask through a Latest in Beauty Box ( you can sign up here and save 20% with my referral code).  Otherwise, I would have had to pay £17 for just this mask.


What is the Japanese Matcha Tea Mask supposed to do?

The mask is supposed to help you clear your skin from city pollutants and other impurities as the 100% vegan formula is meant to purify. Furthermore, the mask is also meant to gently exfoliate your skin and that is supposed to reveal younger and more radiant looking skin.

Does it really do all that? 


What the Japanese Matcha Tea Mask really does

I completely agree that the mask reveals more radiant skin and it definitely exfoliates your skin in a gently manner. The skin is left really soft to the touch. Furthermore, the mask does clear your skin slightly and again in a gently manner. However, for me this is an in between treatment rather than an actual treatment.

If you have really good skin then this mask is perfect for you, it provides all the maintenance you need and leaves you skin soft, without stripping it of all its natural oils.

If you have clogged skin, like I do, then you might not love this mask. You might enjoy applying it every once in a while, however the effects won’t be as visible and your clogged pores will definitely not be super purified. For this reason, you might want to invest in another product. At this price, the effects are just not enough for someone who gets clogged pores easily. It is a good in between treatment kinda mask though as it is very gentle on the skin.

Overall, the Japanese Matcha Tea Mask from the Body Shop is a nice product. It is gentle and feels nice on the skin as well as leaves the skin feeling smooth and a tad more radiant. However, it is not super effective on clogged skin, but it works well of good skin as well as in between treatments. Furthermore, the mask is high quality and vegan, but the price is a bit up there for what it does on certain skin types.

I do recommend the mask as it is good, however personally, I would not buy it again. That sounded quite strange, didn’t it? I hope you get what I mean. The Japanese Matcha Tea Mask is the kind of product that is not bad, but it is not that good either. It might work quite well for some, but not that well for others. The mask is just not that spectacular in general.


Where to buy the Japanese Matcha Tea Mask?


Have you tried this mask? Have you tried any of the luxury face masks form The Body Shop?


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