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TooFaced is one of those brands that managed to make a mess of things lately. They have been involved in so many controversies that no one is counting anymore. However, they do create some pretty great products. Don’t get me wrong, not all of their products are amazing, but there are some that really stand out and are worth every penny, that is if you can support a brand after some of the things they were involved in.

Personally, I do not wear mascara often. I wear spectacles, my eye get tired easily, my eyes are also super sensitive and I tend to rub my eyes a lot. I think I pretty much covered everything there was to cover. If not, you pretty much can figure out the rest. Mascara is simply not something I get along with easily. However, from time to time, it is nice to go all in with makeup and at other times the situation kinda requires mascara. It is just one of those things that we cannot live without no matter how much some of us (aka me) don’t like it. You cannot go full glam without mascara. It would look a bit strange. So for that reason, I tried tens of high end and drugstore mascaras and not many made it into my beauty collection. The TooFaced one is one of the ones that made the cut and here is why.

TooFaced Better Than Sex Mascara Review

The Better Than Sex Mascara is simply magical. It has that huge applicator that most people would stay away from. Just look at that thing! If you have poor coordination, it is super logical to want to stay away. I totally feel you. The moment I take off my glasses, I don’t see sh*t. However, that huge applicator this mascara comes with is actually pretty nice. You can manage a proper mascara application without issues and it even sort of brushes your lashes so that they do not clump.


Yes, you read that right. This brings me to my second point. The TooFaced Better Than Sex Mascara does not clump your lashes, well, unless you go overboard with the amount of product you apply. However, one or even two coats should be more than enough.

Another reason why this mascara made the cut as far as I am concerned is because it gives me well defined and curled lashes. Both the formula and the applicator play a major role here.

However, what sold me onto keeping this product and wearing it was the fact that I can wear the mascara without a lash primer. That is pretty much unheard of for me. However, it looks great with and without a primer. So if you wear lash primers, don’t worry. It will work with this mascara as well. Hey! I am just covering all the basis and trying to provide you with the most useful information regardless of the case. Furthermore, the Better Than Sex Mascara does not pull at my lashes. I don’t feel on so I don’t feel the need to rub at my eyes.

Another thing that I must mention is that the mascara does not come off easily. Sure, this version is not the waterproof one (I have yet to try that one), but the product does dry completely onto the lashes and it does not transfer easily. You of course can remove it when you need or want to do so. However, I encountered mascaras that simply refuse to dry so I wanted to assure you that this is not one of them.

Overall, I have been wearing this product for several years now and I do not regret doing so. This Better than Sex Mascara from TooFaced is definitely one of the best mascaras I have ever tried so if you are as picky as I am, then you might want to give this product a try.

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