LookFantastic January Box Review

Today I am going to talk about the LookFantastic January Box. It is not often that I talk about a subscription box, especially one of the “established” ones. Like I mentioned time and time again, I rarely subscribe to this kind of boxes anymore. I only subscribe when there is something I really want included or if I can get a better deal for something else; basically when it makes sense. This box is the last of the subscription I purchased in order to get the LF Advent Calendar for less. I totally wanted the other boxes I got as part of the subscription. See, I told you there is a logic behind my choices.

However this is the first January box I got in years. If I am keen to get the December ones, I am just as opposed to getting January boxes. This is one mistake I am not making again anytime soon, however this new box from LookFantastic might make me change my mind.

Usually January boxes are meh, especially compared to the December ones. They are less, how should I put it? They are usually a bit more boring. Let’s see what this LookFantastic box is like, shall we?

LookFantastic January Box

As always, the beauty box from LOOKFANTASTIC included six beauty products. Unlike in previous editions, this box came without the usual brochure so I had to track the info down. Here are the products I found in my box:

  • STARSKIN® Hollywood Hand Model™ Nourishing Double-Layer Hand Mask Gloves, RRP £9 (full-size)
  • So Eco Complexion Sponge, RRP £6 (full-size)
  • SVR Hydraliane Light Moisturising + Hydrating Cream – 40ml, RRP £15 (full-size)
  • Verso Eye Cream (7ml)
  • Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipstick (Feels) (full size), RRP £4.99
  • Grow Gorgeous Balance Overnight Mask (30ml), worth £3.75

In terms of value, this box does not impress. The value it is significantly lower than that of the December box for example (which I just realised I never got around to reviewing *ooops) which contained one product worth around £100 on its own. However, in terms of products, it is not half bad. I was honestly expecting something a bit more boring as that tends to be the norm when it comes to January boxes. At least, that is how it used to be.

As you can imagine, I do have some issues with the contents. Not only does LookFantastic seems to have an obsession with the Sleek Makeup Matte Lipstick, but I consider it pretty useless at the moment. I see its inclusion as a way to get rid of unwanted stock. This is not me having something against LF, I am unhappy with all retailers that do this. However, LF does tend to include this specific product in all sort of offers and quite often.

On the other hand, I am happy with the inclusion of the SVR cream. I never tried the brand before, but lately I have been focusing on brands such as this one. They are more affordable and usually pretty darn amazing. Plus, the product are formulated with just the right mix of ingredients so that they render results. I am quite curious to see whether this is the case of SVR as well. Stay tuned as I will make sure to review it (for real!).

The rest of the products do not stand out much, but I am curious to see what they are like.

Overall, I am quite happy with the box LookFantastic released this January. I have to say that I am surprised, but you probably already gathered that. I am trying to keep my expectations low as more and more brands disappoint. I know that LF is a business and a business is interested in making a profit, as they should, however a business is also about creating value for their customers. Anyway, so far so good.

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