huxley moroccan garden body wash

Huxley Moroccan Garden Body Wash

Even though I am not lacking in offer to show you, including a particularly cute one from FreePeople , I decided to share a new review with you today.

I mentioned here and there that I absolutely love Huxley skincare. I tried the brand’s products a while back, more like a few years back, when they first launched at Harvey Nichols. In the meantime, they disappeared and reappeared at the retailer, but I found them also at Tonic15 which became my to go to UK based K-Beauty retailer in recent months. You can read more about my experience with the retailer here. Anyway, at Tonic15 I discovered a wider selections of products from Huxley and what caught my eye in particular was the body wash. Okay, I wanted the body oil as well, but it was sold out most of the time so… let’s focus on the body wash for now. I barely managed to find this one in stock as it is. I had to wait quite a bit.

huxley morrocan garden body wash

Huxley Moroccan Garden Body Wash Review

One of the reasons I love the brand so much is due to the quality of their products, sure, but each product I tried so far from them also has this scent I came to associate with the brand. The fragrance they use is so beautiful, soft and relaxing. I cannot get enough of it. In the morning it wakes me up and makes me smile in a way, it is like someone wishing you a very good morning and at night, it somehow ensures I have a very relaxing night. I do not know how to explain it without sounding like a complete lunatic. It is a beautiful scent, not at all overpowering. The fragrance is some sort of a flowery fresh scent, but even though it is not herb like, it smells natural somehow. Maybe even like a garden in spring.

When I looked at the name of the product, I thought that the fragrance might be different, might be overpowering even and on the spicy side. No, the fragrance is pretty much the same as usual for which I am glad. It is the fragrance I wanted on my body after having had it on my face for so many months. Somehow, it seems even nicer on the body.

The body wash comes in a beautiful, kinda sleek bottle. The design is minimalistic and pretty. I love how it comes with a pump. It makes things so much easier. However, what I do not like is how difficult it is to get a good amount of product out of the bottle. It prevents you from using too much, but this is a bit ridiculous. I often found myself having to open the bottle by removing the pump. It might be my bottle or it might be a problem with all of them. Maybe I am the only one who thinks this is a problem, who knows? I do not mind it all that much. This issue is definitely not something that would make me not buy this product again. I just thought you should know what to expect. It could become an issue if you are in a hurry, however there are ways around it.

huxley morrocan garden body wash

The body wash might not seem like much in terms of texture. It is not creamy or I don’t know, it is sort of like Molton Brown or Noble Isle, but not quite. It does feel sort of luxurious though, even if I would not really categorize it as such. It is not spectacular, but the soft foam it creates makes me love it. The body wash does not foam too much; the amount of foam you get is more than enough. This makes it easy to rinse of and it does not leave any residue in the tub. It really matters, even if you might not think so. Honestly, rinsing the tub or the shower floor is more than enough for me. I don’t feel the need to scrub it every single day to ensure there is no product buildup or any residue left that would cause me or someone else to slip.

I would not say that this is the most moisturizing body wash I have ever used. No, that is not the case. However, the Huxley Moroccan Garden Body Wash does not leave my skin dry or uncomfortable either. The body wash is quite gentle. It leaves the skin feeling nice and smelling even nicer. I guess this product is more about the experience and quality rather than trying to impress in a specific area.

It is a bit pricey for a body wash, but I personally think it is worth it. It will last you quite a while and being engulfed by that gorgeous Huxley specific fragrance feels like a dream. Overall, I recommend giving it a go, especially if you fond of the brand.

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