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Cult Beauty is back with a new beauty box. Retailers do seem to love this format lately, no? I know, I know. I keep bringing it up, but I find it interesting that out of a sudden everyone seems to be releasing such boxes. This is a format that we haven’t seen all that much in the UK or from UK retailers, at least until last year. Sephora on the other hand has been releasing such boxes for almost a decade, if not more (just a remark). Are they trying something new or do they need to get rid of some stock? Maybe, they found that the formula works and it is a ploy to increase sales… I really wish I knew for certain as I find this whole topic fascinating.

Anyway, ignore my babbling. Let’s get to the point – the Sunshine Edit. Let’s have a look and see what this edit is all about. Shall we?

Sunshine Edit Contents

Caudalie Tan Prolonging After-Sun Lotion (100ml) – travel size

Dr. Dennis Gross Dark Spot Sun Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50 (50ml) – full size

Fresh Tinted Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15 in ‘Coral’ (2.2g) – deluxe size

HUM Nutrition Here Comes The Sun (30 softgels) – full size

Kopari Beauty Beach Deodorant (26g) – travel size

Oskia Citylife Cleansing Concentrate (40ml) – full size

Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen SPF 30 (15ml) – travel size

Price and Value

The Sunshine Edit from Cult Beauty is worth over £135/€155 but you can buy it for just £40/€46 (giving you an incredible 71% saving!).

The new beauty box is available fro purchase here.


Okay, let’s see. First of all, the name of this edit is perfectly suitable. The contents of this new beauty box from Cult Beauty are everything you need to be able to safely enjoy your daily dose of sunshine. The reason why this box caught my attention is due to its contents, but not necessarily in the way you might think.

Finding a good SPF and one that works for you is one of the most difficult things in terms of beauty. Some cast a white shadow, others feel gross on the skin – it really comes down to you, your preferences and skin type. I got quite a few bottles of product in the past year or so and yet, none of them are really what I have been looking for. As such, I find this box to be quite amazing as it allows you to test several products that protect your skin from the sun at a fraction of the cost. If they don’t work all that well for you, then at least you did not spend too much money trying them out.

As for the products themselves, i only tried two of the above. One of which is the Kopari Deodorant. The one I tried though was the original version, however I am pretty sure that in terms of texture and all that, they are similar. The scent might differ though. This deodorant is actually my to-go-to deodorant. It has to be my absolute favourite such product from all that I tried. I know I haven’t reviewed it on here yet, but I fully intend to do that and have intended to do for the past two years (did not realise it has been this long – oops). But, I recommend giving it a go. The other product I tried from the box is the Fresh lip tint. I love these little lip balms. They are comfortable and nourishing and they give the lips a bit of colour without being too pretentious. Sadly most countries still have resections in place such as the use of face shields/masks in public areas including outdoors, but there will come a time when you will be able to fully enjoy it and I am sure you will, enjoy it, that is.

I haven’t tried the other products so I cannot talk about them. However, I heard only good things about Supergoop. The one product I tried from them did not work for me, but they have many products that offer protection from the sun and they are all pretty different in terms of texture. So, having tried one that did not work does not really tell me much. Plus, like mentioned above, finding the right SPF is tricky and it comes down your needs and you those of your skin. As such, I would not disconsider the Supegoop product from the start.

I have not tried the other products so no comments on that front.

Overall, I am quite excited about this beauty box and super tempted to get it. How about you?

Grab the Sunshine Edit Beauty Box from Cult Beauty here.

What do you think of the Sunshine Edit?

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  1. T

    Thanks for this! I literally went straight over and barely even read the description on their website, just bought it immediately 😂 looks great and good savings. I’m sure I’ll likely use all of these things 😊

  2. T

    I’m picky about sunscreens too and find they either leave a white cast if they’re clean/mineral based, break me out or I still get sunburnt! Was not so fussed about a SuperGoop product I tried in the past, but let’s see how this one performs. This edit is justifiable as it’s for health as much as beauty haha. But I need to put a ban in place myself! Always wanted to try Kopari, Dennis Gross and Fresh are usually pretty good, Oskia shouldn’t be too bad (I am spoilt for choice with my current stash) and Hum vitamin D I’m curious about.

    1. Nana

      I get what you mean 🙂 I am forcing myself to stay away from as many offers as possible as I know for sure I will go crazy starting June (bday month) and then all the advent calendars…. I have beauty products all over the place now so older stuff needs to go first. I need space and sending it away to my flat is not a solution (I am still at home-home since I am working remotely with no plans to leave any time soon (hopefully)) so yeah, need to empty products 😀 but these kits are so cute

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