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IHerb Biggest Sale of the Year: Up to 50% off

If you’ve been debating whether or not to order from iHerb, now is the perfect time! They have thousands of products currently on sale and it can’t get better than this.

Are you worried about them being legit? Don’t. I tested out their service for myself and shared my experience with them here so that any concerns won’t be left unaddressed.

iHerb basket example

Just to give you an idea, I picked a few items from my Wishlist and added them to my basket. For this entire haul, I would only have to pay £48 which also includes taxes and delivery to the UK. I would say that it is fairly reasonable.

Of course, there are way more beauty deals than just these and the offers differ depending on destination country. Some products are discounted for my home country that are not discounted for the UK and vice-versa, just to give an example.

There is definitely a lot of exploration that needs to be done. Like I mentioned, there are thousands of deals so you will certainly find something to your likening. You can also access my entire Wishlist here to see some of the items I saved for such occasions.

Things to consider if you want to make the most of your iHerb order

Make sure to include products from iHerb brands

If you are only interested in beauty, then I highly recommend Idea Love. Including products from such brands tends to decrease your shipping costs in my experience. I don’t know about you, but I would rather get more value for my money than spend said money on shipping.

iHerb Idea Love. Photo Credits: iHerb

Personally, I only tried some of the sheet masks form this brand. but so far I can say that I actually enjoyed using them. The sheet masks were surprisingly good given their affordable price. The Purple Flower Power one is my favourite so far and it costs less than a pound! Talk about great value!

Don’t checkout without a promo box

Another advice that I can give you is that if you do end up placing an order, you should not checkout without including one promo box. Yes, one.

Well, you could get more of the same promo box, but only the first box will be discounted or at the promo price. I would advice against getting different boxes if you plan on getting more than one as you will ruin your chances of getting them on offer at a later date/when placing subsequent orders.

In short, only one promo box will be discounted per order and only the first time you purchase a specific box. Will definitely talk about these boxes in a separate article so that I can explain what is the deal with these beauty boxes.

In the meantime, I do have to tell you that I got the k-beauty box (It might be sold out for some countries, but it also might come back in store at a later date. I missed it once myself) with my previous order and it is the best decision I could have made. The box is amazing and I have been enjoying the products quite a bit so far. I still have a few products to get through, but the box was worth every penny!

k beauty promotional box from iherb (promo code DME1110)

If beauty is not exactly what you are looking for right now, iHerb also sells on elf the largest collection of health and wellness supplements I have ever seen being offered by a retailer, but also household products and cupboard food. There are many kid, pet, vegan, gluten free etc. friendly products to pick from. iHerb truly covers all the bases.

Enjoy your shopping here.

Make sure to also include my code DME1110 at checkout for a discount (it will only work on non discounted items or if the official sale discount is lower)

Look, I know that this sale couldn’t have come at a worse time (I guess it depends on who you are asking). Personally, I am quite conflicted as well as there are quite a few products that I wish to try and now it is a really good time to get them given the offer. On the other hand, it is Christmas and I got enough presents and spent more than enough for the near future and I know that I am not the only one in this boat. It is quite tricky and I hope you won’t hate me for dangling this new opportunity in your face. For those tired of seeing so many beauty offers, I promise I will get back to the reviews and start sharing more of those moving forward. Truly sorry about this really, I debated long and hard whether to post it or not, but I also know that for some of you might just be what you were looking for.

Merry Christmas! I hope you will get to enjoy these days surrounded by friends and family. If for some reason you had enough of the Christmas cheer and festivities and want to talk about skincare, k-dramas or something else, feel free to reach out >:D<

What do you think of the iHerb sale? Did you find yourself an extra Christmas present?

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