Using More, Spending Less Challenge -December 2021 Results

And we made it. This is the 12th month of this challenge aka the last month for 2021. Well, I guess it depends on how you look at things as actually it is the 24th month, but I was referring just to 2021 above. Sorry! I am more scattered brained than usual as I really want to get this post out today and instead of sitting down and writing it, I went shopping with all the crazy people and then started doing my taxes which I have been postponing way too many times (*enough times that HTMC sent me several reminders, the next time they would probably asked whether I am still here…) Phew. Hopefully, I am done rambling.


…there were none.

Total purchases: £0

Allowance from Empties

  • Suiskin Seed to Toner worth £8.76
  • Chantecaille Pure Rosewater Mist 25ml worth £26
  • Ziaja Hand and Body Wash 400ml x 2 worth £2.26 each
  • Medheal EGT Essence Gel Eyefill Patches worth £0.75
  • Yadah Cactus Daily Green Sheet Mask x 2 worth £1.32 each
  • Stradivarius Hand Cleaner Spray Cherry Jam worth £4.59
  • MediHeal Collagen Impact Essential Sheet Mask worth £1.19
  • Ritual of Sakura Body Cream 220ml worth £18.50
  • Truly Acai Your Boobies Polish worth £11.11
  • Idealove Purple Flower Power, 1 Beauty Sheet Mask, 0.85 fl oz (25 ml) worth £1.26
  • The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey Hand Cream worth £6.5
  • Youth to the People Superfood Air-whip Moisture Cream 7.4ml worth £5.26
  • Medik8 Retinol 3TR Intense 5ml worth £11
  • Briogeo Be Gentle, Be Kind Avocado Kiwi Moisture Mask 2fl oz worth £8
  • Gisou Honey Infused Hair Wash  worth £27.11
  • Nivea Deo Beauty Elixir Sensitive 30ml worth £0.51
  • I Dew Care Let’s Get Beauty Sheet Faced (Unwind/Mugwort)x 2 sheet masks worth £1.30 each

In December I used up £140.3 worth of beauty which resulted in an allowance of £70.15. It is significantly less than in previous months, but still alright.

Allowance from Posts

Allowance from Reviews

  • Yadah Cactus Daily Green Sheet Mask – read the review here
  • Truly Acai Your Boobies Polish – really the review here

Allowance from Social Media

  • Instagram – 5*£1 + 14*£3 = £47
  • TikTok – 3* £3 = £9

Total allowance from posts: £10 + £56 = £66

Mini Reviews

As introduced in October I believe it was, I will continue to write some short reviews here while I am still procrastinating about the full length reviews that might or might not ever come for some of these products.

One product that I enjoyed quite bit was the Suiskin Seed to Toner. This toner is nice on the skin, refreshing without being overly so. It doe snot have a particular scent to it and does a good job. However, that is the issue. It does a good job, but nothing more. There is absolutely nothing special about this toner. It removes extra debris/dirt leftover after cleaning and from the towel, it sooth the skin slightly and maybe even helps with hydration, but the effects are barely visible. Good to have, but confused about what ti does.

The Youth to the People Superfood Air-whip Moisture Cream is the second ever product I have tried from this brand, the first being their Kombucha AHA exfoliator. The cream was surprisingly good and would love to try it again, but I was not blown away from the few uses I got from it. It is nice on the skin, even on my oily/combination skin, but it did feel a bit thicker than what I usually go for so it did make my skin feel a tad oily at times. The texture was nice. Unlike other “whipped” creams, this one felt more like whipped gel. Intrigued, but not in a rush to purchase.

Okay, you waited long enough. Here are the final results for this month and where I am at at the end of 2021. More details on how I did overall will follow, but yeah…these are the results for December.

£7015 (allowance from empties) + £66 (allowance from posts) -£2447.77 (previous closing balance) = -£2311.62

Wow. This is not that bad. I am pretty much at where I started the year. Plus, given my rules for this challenge, it also means that I could get another gift with purchase if one were to be released in the near future.

I am obviously not where I wished or where I should be, but the results are better than I could have imagined and I am proud of the work and restrain I showed these past few month.

There were a few times were I almost managed not to spend a penny, but cracked at the last minute. That did not happen in December which I am incredibly happy about. If I can manage to spend just a try bit less next year, then I would be more than happy. My overall spending is significantly lower compared to 2020 which is amazing on its own, so this will be my goal for next year as well – to continue on this path as it seems to be helping me. If you haven’t joined this challenge or any other just like it, then I highly recommend you so. It is worth it!

Happy New Year everyone! We will talk soon and do stay tuned as more details about the challenge and an overview of 2021 will be up early next year/next month.

Enjoy what is left of this year and see you soon.

How did you do in December?

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    Wow, 0 purchases in December, amazing!
    My stash of course grew, and now with all the joy of using this stuff, I’ll try to be on no buy for the better part of the year and see if I can lower it by at least 40% (should be doable because there are a lot of deluxe and travel sized products and there’s the two of us to use skincare products, also some things will make perfect gifts)

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