Using More, Spending Less Challenge – February 2022 Results

It has been a while…however, even though the end of the month has come and gone, I decided to share this post regardless as otherwise it would have been the only one I skipped and that just would not do. I am keen on staying on top of this challenge as the results have been incredible. Yes, I know ūüôĀ I kept dangling the amazing results in front of your nose except I haven’t found the time to share them. To be honest, I do not even know how to start to make them stand out or show the dramatic impact this challenge has had on my spending. I will find the way, hopefully soon :).

Okay, with that being said, let’s get started.


  • Shein Glitter Nail Art Stickers (1 Sheet)¬† – ¬£0.5
  • Shein Face Wash Cotton Towels¬† – ¬£2.5
  • Shein Round Jelly Fake Nails – ¬£1.07
  • Shein Double Sided Adhesive Nail Tapers (15 sheets) – ¬£1.43
  • Shein Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber – ¬£8.20
  • Necessaire The Body Wash Eucalyptus¬† – ¬£25
  • Shiseido Treatment Softener – ¬£35
  • L‚ÄôOreal Elseve Hyaluronic Acid Shampoo¬† – ¬£4.47
  • Sinsay Press On Nail Set in Blue/Periwinkle – ¬£2.20

Total Purchases: £81.87

Allowance from Empties

  • Gliss Supreme Length Shampoo¬†– ¬£2.21
  • Yadah Collagen Daily Green Sheet Mask¬† – ¬£1.32
  • Innisfree Skin Solution Hydrating Sheet Mask¬† – ¬£2.56
  • Innisfree Youth-Enriched Gel Cream With Orchid 50ml – ¬£25
  • Costa Brazil Body Cream 25ml – ¬£50 – review
  • Decree by Dr AJ Sturnham SOS Revitalizing Eye Mask¬†– ¬£12
  • Stradivarius Hand Cleaner Spray Cherry Jam – ¬£3.36

In February, I emptied products that were worth a combined value of £96.45 so my allowance from empties is £48.22, aka half that amount.

I do no get to have any allowance from posts since I after writing a huge article which I still have to review before posting and being swamped by work and finding ways I could help given the geo-political situation, I haven’t shared any reviews in quite some time. That needs to change.

¬£48.22 (allowance from empties + ¬£0 (allowance from posts) – ¬£13.44 (January’s spending which I forgot to deduct) – ¬£81.87 (February’s spending) – ¬£2195.41 (previous closing balance) = -¬£2242.5

The results are interesting…Yes, that is a way to say that they are worse than before. However, I am not mad about it. Yes, I did spend more than perhaps I should have, but I haven’t really purchased much as this comes after two months of pretty much no spendings. I did pick up a few treats here and there and then there was the SpaceNK beauty gift with purchase – my first one since Brexit. Actually, the gift with purchase I picked up from SpaceNK I think it was the first one in over two years. It has been quite some time since I last shopped at the boutique retailer.

As you probably noticed, I also discovered Shein. Yes, I was pretty late to the game. No worries, I do not plan on making my Shein purchases a frequent occurrence, but they do offer greta shipping and all the household products I have been obsessing over for the past couple of years and which I could not grab from YesStyle due to lack of appropriate shipping options for my country. Furthermore, I got an Ultrasonic Scrubber, similar to my Dermapore one for 10x less. There is a long story here, but I will share it soon as I feel you do need to know it as well, especially if you were planning on picking up such a device. I needed some time to let go of the “anger” before posting so that my review can be a tad more objective, if you will.

I haven’t purchased anything all that interesting, but I did get a few things to test and others that I have been meaning to try for some times. My balance could have looked a bit better, but it is wha it is. There is always next month (unless a CB GWP comes out…).

How did you do in February?

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