Using More, Spending Less Challenge Results – June 2022

Another month has gone by so that means that not only is Christmas closer than before, but also that it is time to do another one of these roundups.

Just FYI, I do not think about Christmas nor talk about it (you might have noticed that I have yet to talk about any of the advent calendars) before my birthday and those of my immediate family. We were all born around the same time of the year.

Also, I apologise if you spot several words missing the letter “o”. My laptop is finally caving after nearly 8 years of use and I strongly believe it has plans to retire from active duty in the immediate future. It served me really well from when I was in college till now. I trying to hold in my tears you guys! And not just because I really need to spend less on beauty and start building a laptop fund cause while normal people would rather buy a car, crazy ones such as myself get new gadgets.


  • Bath and Body Works Lip Gloss in Pineapple Prosecco – worth £1.90
  • Bath and Body Works Lip Gloss Passionfruit Spritzer – worth £1.90
  • Bath and Body Works Lip Gloss Mango Mai Tai – worth £ 1.90
  • Bath and Body Works Shower Gel in Christmas Cookies – worth £2.75
  • Bath and Body Works Shower Gel in Bubbly Rosé  – worth £2.75
  • Bath and Body Works Shower Gel in Pink Chiffon  – worth £4.04
  • Bath and Body Works Shower Gel in One in a Million  – worth £4.04
  • Bath and Body Works Gentle Foaming Hand Soap in Cherry Frost  – worth £3.06
  • Bath and Body Works Gentle Foaming Hand Soap in Sweet Sugar Sprinkles  – worth £3.06
  • Bath and Body Works Gentle Foaming Hand Soap in Winter Candy Apple  – worth £3.06
  • Bath and Body Works Gentle Foaming Hand Soap in Marshmallow Flurries  – worth £3.06
  • Meisani Niacinamide Cucumber Aqua Gel Cream  – worth £16.85
  • Juice to Cleanse Hand Cream Lime Half  – worth £7.42
  • Aromatica Rosemary Scalp Scaling Shampoo  – worth £14.31
  • ONE THING Serum Collection, 4 x 30ml  – worth £34.20
  • ONE THING Trouble Care Set  – worth £32.40
  • Bath and Body Works Pocket Hand Sanitezers 5 Pack in Fresh Cut Lilies – worth £5.05
  • Bath and Body Works Shower Gel in Strawberry Soda  – worth £4.26
  • Bath and Body Works Concentraed Room Spray in Crisp Morning Air – worth £2.68
  • Bath and Body Works Shower Gel in Bubble Gum Pop – worth £2.13
  • Bath and Body Works Shower Gel in Cinnamon Donut Swirl – worth £2.13
  • Bath and Body Works Shower Gel in Saltwater Breeze – worth £2.13
  • Bath and Body Works Shower Gel in Pastel Skies – worth £2.13
  • Bath and Body Works Shower Gel in Happy Vibes – worth £2.13
  • Bath and Body Works Shower Gel in Sunkissed – worth £2.13
  • Bath and Body Works Shower Gel in Country Apple  – worth £2.13
  • Latest in Beauty CEW Award  – worth £36

Total purchases: £202.66


  • Bath and Body Works Rosewater and Ivy Gentle Foaming Hand Soap – worth £4.24
  • It’s Skin Hydra Routine Energising Moisturiser – worth £16.51
  • I Dew Care Let’s Get Beauty Sheet Faced – worth £1.30 each (there were 4)
  • Ziaja Hand and Body Wash 400ml – worth £1.93
  • Banila Co Clean It Zero Foam Cleanser – worth £9.66
  • Sephora Collection Gentle pH Balancing Toner – worth £12.60
  • Radiant Seoul Firming Beauty Sheet Mask, 1 Sheet Mask, 0.85 oz (25 ml) – worth £0.79

Total allowance from empties: £25.46


As expected, my spending for June is significantly higher than in previous months. Not only did I get itchy fingers after spending more in May than I have for the past months, but it was also my birthday month so I kinda took advantage of it. I sure hope that I will be able to cut down as not only do I not need more product but I also haven’t been able to save any money for the past two months which is bad – this is without taking into account the obvious upcoming purchase that I now need to make.

Plus, the advent calendar season is upon us so I am sure my spending will go up significantly towards the end of the year so there is that. Fingers crossed it will be only reason for it to go up or well, beauty spending and gift giving rather than anything else. Those who know, know 🙃 (clearly not as applicable as it was when I first wrote this bit a few days ago, but would rather spend my money on a new device which I actually use for more than Netflix or rather Viki these days haha).

Seriously now, in June I did take advantage of a few too many offers. I placed several international orders, many of which required forwarding services. This is bad not just due to the added costs but also due to the lengthy delivery time. It is easy to gloss over the number of orders if you have yet to receive them. 

I did place two orders at Bath and Body Works. The prices were incredible during the sale and with all the extra costs, the products were still less than what I would have paid for them in store. And I am not considering here the costs of going to the store and traveling across country to be able to do so. Of course, I would have not traveled just to shop but rather to go in physically at work, but yeah… that is not the point. Sorry, I got a little sidetracked. It is a very sensitive topic for me and my mind keeps going there as for me anxiety is on the menu every single effing day. 

Okay, so the amazing sale. I don’t regret it though. Fingers crossed the products will reach me in one piece.

Another order consisted of a Miin Cosmetics order. This is a Spanish retailer that sells K-beauty products and ships them internationally. You can read more about them here. They launched a new brand – Meisani – and it was discounted for the first few days and since the discount worked in conjuncture with one of my vouchers, I went for it. No regrets whatsoever as I have been holding onto those vouchers for over a year and I am (still) worried I will end up loosing the rest of them. Not sure what to expect from the products, but will share soon, well once I start using the products that is. 

Another highlight was definitely my Tonic15 order. The British K-Beauty retailer launched The brand One Thing back in May if I am not mistaken. This is a brand I have been wanting to try for so long now. I tried not to go for it at first, but then the anniversary sale happened and it was probably the best deal I could have gotten for the products so there is that.  Tonic15 does have minis sales (actual deluxe size products) and occasional discounts but never been able to find anything I truly wanted at that moment. This was a rare occurrence. 

You can always find excuses if you look not even that hard, right? 

I did not get much else for my birthday other than beauty products and some Korean magazines and a super cute keyboard so I have no regrets even if the beauty bit took quite a turn. For now, I decided to just enjoy my new goodies. No regrets. 

Once my birthday went by I should have stopped. This is where I went wrong, but there is no changing things now. I got my the first beauty box from a UK only retailer in what? Two years? However, the Latest in Beauty CEW Awards edit was just too good to pass especially as some of the most valuable products were still in stock at the time of purchase. 

This is about it, but I do feel like I am missing something big as otherwise I can’t really explain why I have been unable to set any money aside this month :|. It feels impossible for all the other little things to add up to the rest of my pay-check…welcome to adulthood/real life I guess. I am working on becoming more financially independent I guess you could call it, but I am doing a so-so job so far.

Anyway, let’s have a look at the math.

£25.46 (allowance from emtpies) + £0 (allowance from posts) – £202.66 (June’s Spending) – £2238.19 (previous closing balance) = -£2415.39

Not sure what to say here. It is not good, but it could be worse? I am getting very close to my limit though which is a problem if a gift with purchase I want does get released in the near future.

I refuse to think about it until the moment comes. That is my prerogative at the moment. Yes *head nod.

How did you do in June?

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