TooFaced Extreme Lip Injection

Ever wanted bigger lips but without the commitment? There is nothing wrong with making longer terms changes if that is what you wish. You body, you choice. I stand by that as well as to each their own. Personally, I have wondered how it would be like to have slightly bigger lips, but I do love mine the way they are. As such, I am not ready to make any changes, any longer term changes that is. Maybe as my collagen levels diminish with age, I will change my mind, but not just yet. For now, I am happy to use lip plumping products every once in a while and have done so for several years now.

Since I started using lip plumping products, I tried various products from many brands. You already know that I like the Dior Lip Plumping Gloss and now I thought it would be nice to talk about a different product that is pretty different from the Dior one – the TooFaced Extreme Injection Gloss. It has been a while since this product was released and I did a horrible job at sharing this review on time (as usual), but for those who still haven’t tried this product or those who are curious to try it again, this review is for you.

TooFaced Extreme Lip Injection Review

While most lip plumping product application leads to a tingling feeling caused by a minty ingredient, the TooFaced Extreme Lip Injection does not. This product is more pepper-like/spicy rather than minty. As such, the effects and the tingling is definitely stronger than that caused by a minty product. I wanted to warn you of this before moving forward as I know that many people are bothered by it or find it to be too much.

The first time I tried the TooFaced Extreme Lip Injection, I was certain that I would throw the product away. The plumping effect took me by surprise and not by the way it made my lips look, but because of how it felt. I was super tempted to run and wash it off. The effect was wrong and unlike anything I ever experience before. However, with repeated use, my lips and myself become accustomed to the feeling and it became significantly more bearable. It was not painful in the beginning per se, but it was a strong feeling and an unknown one. It took some getting used to.


In terms of actual, visual effects, well there Lip Injection from TooFaced definitely makes the lips bigger and redder. Oh yes, the increase in lip volume makes them become a bit more red, however not only does the redness looks pretty nice (read: hot), but it goes away as the effect of the product vanishes. There is nothing to worry about.

How to wear the the Lip Injection? Personally, I use the product only when I want to look a bit different. I love the way it makes my lips looks bigger and sexier, if am being honest. I usually apply it straight on and the gloss combined with the redness caused by the product is just the perfect for me. My lips look pouty with a tint of edginess I would say, but without being over the top. I does not make me look like I am trying too hard.

The product can be used on it own, but it can be applied over lipstick as well. You can also remove the product if the glossiness is not your think and apply lipstick afterwards. However, this last option might leads to the effects from the product vanishing sooner. You can definitely experiment and see what works for you.

Overall, I actually like the Extreme Lip Injection. It is one of the most effective lip plumping products I tried and I have tried quite a few. I love the effects, but also how it looks on so I do recommend giving it a try if you are on the market for such a product.


Where can you buy the Extreme Lip Injection by TooFaced from?

Have you ever tried a lip plumping product? Do you have a favourite?

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  1. Liz

    I’ve never tried this one, but I’ve heard good things! The only lip plumper I’ve tried is Soap & Glory’s Pillow Plumper XXL Gloss.

    1. Nana

      Oh I wanted to try that one so badly and it ended up being one of the few relatively known ones I never tried. Haha. Knowing that Boots had many offers/has many offers I guess, I tried to get it while on sale but never happened. What did you think of the Soap & Glory one?

      1. Liz

        I liked it a lot! I feel like I’m the only one, but I like a thick gloss because I feel like it stays on longer and moisturizes more. It was very tingly, which was a shock at first, but it felt so cool every time. It also plumped the lips a lot and gave them a nice rosy color. I had bought the clear one so I could see the color change, but they have tinted ones, as well. I think that’ll be the next one I try one we don’t have to wear masks as much because glosses and masks don’t mesh lol!

      2. Nana

        Yep. I haven’t worn makeup especially any lip products in over a year 🙁 glad to know more about the lip gloss though. Will put it back on my list as now I want to try it (after all) 😂 thanks for stopping by!

  2. Bree

    Great post! I’ve tried this one a few times and I loved the effect. Unfortunately I used this WAYYYYYYY too often and developed a bit of an allergy 😬😬😬 So just don’t wear it all the time to feel the burn oops lol

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