Using More, Spending Less Results – July 2022

Another month has gone by so it is once again time for that dreaded moment where I subject myself to public humiliation and share the products I purchased and used up during the month that just ended. Okay, I am being a tad dramatic as not all months are as embarrassing, but still… My purchase levels have gone down significantly, but there is a long way to go still so for as long as I purchase more products that I need, I will continue to share these posts as not only does this public post helps me stay accountable but I also hope that some of you will find it entertaining and most of all, a tiny fraction of you will even find it useful and inspiring enough so that you decide to join me on this path. 

July’s Purchases

  • My Little Box July+August Edition  -£31.59
  • Belif Pore Cleaner Bubble Foam – £15.98

In July I ended up spending a total of £47.57 on beauty products which is a rather ok result even for me. 

July’s Empties 

  • Lapcos Propolis Sheet Mask – worth £2.86
  • Sephora Collection Vitamin E Tonic Lotion with Cucumber – worth £4.94
  • Bath & Body Works Passion Fruit & Banana Flower Gentle Foaming Hand Soap – worth £4.32
  • Bath & Body Works Guava Colada Gentle Foaming Hand Soap – worth £4.32
  • Shein Face Wash Cotton Towels – worth £2.5
  • L’Oreal Elseve Hyaluronic Acid Shampoo – worth £4.47
  • Purito Buckthorn Vital Cream – worth £10.24
  • Necessaire The Body Wash Eucalyptus – worth £25
  • REN Skincare Gentle Cleansing Milk 50ml – worth £8.33
  • Bath & Body Works Champagne Toast Cleansing Hand Spray – worth £1.32
  • Rodial Pink Diamond Sheet Mask – worth £12
  • Stradivarius Hand Cleaner Spray Cherry Jam – worth £3.36

In July I ended up emptying £96.62 worth of product. This resulted in an allowance of £48.31. 

Allowance from posts 

Allowance from Reviews

Allowance from Social Media

  • 1 x Instagram posts

Total allowance from posts: £6. 

£48.31 (allowance from emtpies) + £6 (allowance from posts) – £47.57 (July’s Spending) – £2415.39 (previous closing balance) = -£2408.65

July was a good month in terms of beauty spending, now too bad that I placed another 2-3 orders which pretty much maxed out my entire spending budget for the month, and then some… I rediscovered my interest in fiction (odd time if you were to ask me) so I spent a great deal on books or rather having books imported as the books themselves were super affordable. I paid nearly as much on the shipping fees but still the price per book is still only 50% of what I would have paid for the same books locally (those I could find that is).

I also discovered that you do need to change a Dyson vacuum cleaner filter and not just wash them. I am an idiot so let’s not even go there. I did find this set of 3 filters which is super affordable and works like the original so if you are in need, I highly recommend them.

In addition, I did place a small Shein order for various household items which I found interesting and think could help me so there is that. They are quite an interesting shop and their product are of much higher quality than what you would find on Aliexpress or other shops of the sort. The delivery is fast and the variety is there. Also, the higher the price, the better the quality usually so just something to keep in mind. 

My apologies. You are not here to hear me babble about non-beauty stuff I presume. So let’s get back to beauty. 

So indeed, I got my first My Litter Box in what? 4 years? This is a beauty subscription box from France that I got the first edition of when they first landed in the UK. I kept getting them every now and again but sadly I was just about to resubscribe and get a new box when they made the decision to leave the UK so I missed out on the last box. They are still operating in Germany and France so I finally found a way to get a French box delivered. I haven’t received it just yet which is why you haven’t seen any reviews, but I am expecting it soon. 

I also picked ups something in the local Sephora sale. I love Belif and especially their pink pore cleansing range which I cannot seem able to find elsewhere anymore. I have not read anything about it being discontinued so I truly hope it has not been, but I did pick up whatever I could find especially since it was discounted. 

Overall, there haven’t been that many beauty purchases in July, but I did spend a bit too much money on other things. I do not feel guilty however some changes are needed as with the not-so-favorable news I have been getting, it would not hurt to same a bit more. Will give it another try in August. How did you do in July? 

How was your July?

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  1. O

    Well done!
    I also successfully curbed my shopping in July.
    Never heard of My Little Box, they look cool and will be easily accessible for me but they always come with a small bag or a pouch of some kind, no? For that reason I’ll refrain because I don’t need any additional bags or pouches or anything of the sort. Trying to limit the amount of stuff I have and fortunately I don’t feel the need to possess many.

    1. Nana

      Great job to you too! Yes, there is usually a small pouch which stores the beauty products. The actual beauty/makeup bags are not that frequent or they were not at least. It the box does contain some lifestyle accessories and some are rather cool. Keep your eyes open for the collabs. My first ever box from back then was a collab with Diane von Fustenberg and included a scarf (one of those thin ones squared ones) which I still like to this day. There were others down the line with French designers and they were rather cool and unique.

      What I loved about the retailer though was their own brand of skincare/makeup. Their products were super good but I fear they are no longer producing them 🥺😞

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