Net-a-Porter Beauty Advent Calendar 2023

Net-a-Porter Beauty Advent Calendar 2023

The holiday season is about to receive a dazzling upgrade with NET-A-PORTER’s latest creation: the Ultimate Gift Set Beauty Advent Calendar. This eagerly anticipated masterpiece is set to redefine luxury and indulgence, featuring an extraordinary assortment of products from some of the most coveted brands in the beauty and fashion industry.

NET-A-PORTER is no stranger to setting trends, and this year’s Ultimate Gift Set is no exception. This meticulously curated Advent calendar combines an exquisite selection of full-sized and mini beauty products with a handpicked edit of luxurious jewelry, fashion items, and homeware treasures. In short, it’s a comprehensive collection that promises to elevate your holiday experience and beautify both you and your surroundings.

Shall we dive in? Let’s go!

Net-a-Porter Beauty Advent Calendar Contents

  • Revive Foaming Cleanser – Enriched Hydrating Wash – worth £55
  • Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eye Shadow Palette in The Golden Goddess
  • Westman Atelier Lip Suede in Les Nudes – worth £78
  • Pat McGrath Labs MatteTrance Lipstick in Elson
  • Lié Studio sterling silver ‘Classic Oval’ earrings
  • Jia Jia + NET SUSTAIN Intention rose quartz bracelet – worth £450
  • U Beauty Resurfacing Compound – worth £138
  • Dr. Barbara Sturm Night Serum
  • Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream
  • Mateo Vegan leather jewelry case – worth £165
  • Anissa Kermiche ‘Bum’ candle
  • 111Skin’s The Firming Concentrate – worth £150
  • Sarah Chapman’s Skinesis Overnight Facial – with £62

and more

Price and Value

The information is not yet available, but I will update as soon as possible. The advent calendar contents are worth over £1000.

Available soon here.


For beauty enthusiasts, the calendar opens up to reveal a world of possibilities. Charlotte Tilbury’s Luxury Eye Shadow Palette in The Golden Goddess offers a quartet of nude and bronze shades, perfect for creating versatile and stunning looks. Westman Atelier’s Lip Suede in Les Nudes presents a palette of four blendable soft beiges, pinks, and warm rose shades to perfect your pout. And for those seeking a touch of evening elegance, Pat McGrath Labs’ MatteTrance Lipstick in Elson, a velvety cool-toned red, promises to add a sophisticated pop of color.

But the Ultimate Gift Set goes beyond makeup, embracing the world of accessories. Lié Studio’s exclusive sterling silver ‘Classic Oval’ earrings radiate understated elegance, while Jia Jia’s crystal-bead bracelets provide a touch of sparkle that seamlessly transitions from day to night.

Of course, the festive season often brings about indulgence, and NET-A-PORTER has taken care of that too. U Beauty’s gentle Resurfacing Compound formula promises to restore your skin’s glow after nights of celebration. Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Night Serum and Augustinus Bader’s The Rich Cream, two cult favorites, make sure your skin remains nourished and pampered.In moments of tranquility, the Ultimate Gift Set offers a haven of relaxation.

Anissa Kermiche’s ‘Bum’ candle, an exclusive treat, sets the mood while 111Skin’s The Firming Concentrate and Sarah Chapman’s Skinesis Overnight Facial treatment revitalize your complexion.

The presentation of the Ultimate Gift Set is as remarkable as its contents. Each of the ten beauty products, accompanied by five jewelry, home, and fashion pieces, comes packaged in sleek black boxes. These treasures are housed within celestial-embossed lantern-shaped boxes adorned with LED lights, adding a touch of enchantment that continues to light up your space long after the holidays.

And there you have it, the latest edition of the Net-a-Porter advent calendar.

What do you guys think? I for one am sort of intrigued even though I wish I weren’t. I love the fact that they have changed the box on one hand, even though I am not yet sure what I think of the new design. Furthermore, the addition of LED lights is also giving me mixed feelings. I t sure promises to make the box more exciting and unique, but are they really necessary? are people actually going to keep the huge black box around their house? If not, what is the point of adding LED lights? Yeah, I am really unsure about it all.

In terms of contents, I kinda like this advent calendar and love the inclusion of accessories, especially such pricy ones that I know fro sure I would never buy, not no and not even of my wallet was overstuffed, if you get what I mean. I just do not see the point of spending such large amounts of money on some of the items. Plus, accessories are a personal touch to one’s outfit/life and thus are hard to get it right and at this price point, it would be a shame to get it wrong.

I really do not know. I am tempted on one hand to get the calendar, especially as I see that Net-a-Porter stepped it up considerably given the flop that was last year’s calendar. I still have pretty much all of the products in the previous edition of this calendar so I am even more reluctant to show away such a large amount for yet another one, but something tells me that if I won’t, I will regret it as I usually do. Hmm, decisions.

What do you think of the new Net a Porter Advent Calendar?

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  1. O

    Wow, this is something. It looks so extremely unique. My first reaction is BUY, but there’s the question of price (lthough I’m expecting the regular £250ish, since the reported value is like before) and availability.
    It appears to be less items in it, no? Items listed by you already exhaust the reported value. The Skincare looks great, the makeup (even though I so don’t need anything) is a beautiful selection and the Westman Atelier Lip Suede is something I’ve wanted to try even since I saw it. Not to mention its never been a part of any such set. I’m not sure if Pat McGrath has been included in a set or a calendar before as well, excluding Sephora Favorites. The Skincare as well, apart from U Beauty which is ubiquitous as a deluxe sample, and The Rich Cream, the remaining products are super fancy.
    I’d need to see the jewellery to see if it’s something I like although I might be happy to try something different, especially like you said, something I normally wouldn’t buy myself.
    I have similar feelings regarding the box, I already think about recycling as I rather won’t keep a gigantic black tower 🙂
    All in all this and the Liberty one are something I’m considering buying (but I want MiiN and Parfory and that’s already 230 EUR, so yeah)

    1. Nana

      The bracelet I found in Net a Porter and it looks cute. The earnings I could not find though. The jewelry case is nice but wish it were more colorful as black looks great and sleek but a better fit for someone living in a luxury hotel type of house. I would not display it especially now as ai have an aversion to the non color (except clothing)

      The size of the beauty products remains to be seen just as disclaimer. This is all I could find, but we probably won’t be getting the full sizes of all of them. Will update as soon as more info becomes available or is confirmed.

      I was thinking about the price as well. I hope it will stay the same but honestly not so sure this time around. The lifestyle items are worth around 1K alone so I am looking at a 400 price tag to be honest, at least 400 🙁 I am also tempted but this one that is why I was curious about your thoughts. Cannot decide whether ai can afford to splurge like this since I am also tempted by Miin and perhaps even YesStyle if the calendar is available for delivery to my country

  2. o

    To be frank, the more I sleep on it, the less inclined I’ll be to buy, especially if the price is steep like 400. I see your point that the non-beauty products can elevate the price as normally the beauty calendars are full of deluxe samples which elevate the retail value only theoretically.
    The first impression is wow, because it’s completely novel and so different from what has been offered before, but for me the actual selling point is the included skincare, so not much to warrant a purchase. Let’s see the final offer, what’s exactly in it and for how much, but yeah, I’ll probably feel reluctant to spend on it.

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