SkinCity Seasonal Saviours – The Summer Edition Box

Has it been that long? SkinCity is back with another beauty box filled some cute goodies. I feel like the precious one was just released and now we are graced with another one. Pretty cool or I completely lost sense of time, well any sense I had left which was not much to begin with.

The Summer Edition Box Contents

  • SKINCITY skincare – NMF Hydrating Body Mist, 50 ml – review here
  • BABOR – Ampoule Set, 3 ampoules
  • SKINCITY skincare – 24H Light Emulsion, 10 ml
  • PRIORI – Barrier Restore Complexe LCA FX140, 10 ml
  • Paula’s Choice – Water-Infusing Electrolyte Moisturizer, 15 ml
  • Klairs – Midnight Blue Calming Cream, full size
  • SkinCeuticals – Ultra Facial Defense SPF 50+, 15 ml
  • OSKIA – Renaissance Mask, 15 ml
  • MAKETHEMAKE – Vitamin E & Hyaluronic Highlighter Duo, full size – review here

Price and Value

The new edition of the Skin Saviours box from Skin City is priced at £49 and has a value of £147.

The box is available for purchase here.


This new edition of the Skin City Skin Saviours beauty box is quite exciting. The box contains at least four products that are pretty amazing. I cannot speak for the rest, but ampoules are my new obsession and Babor is a great skincare brand so there are ch aces the ampoules won’t disappoint. Dear, Klairs also have some very interesting products. I may have not used the specific product included in this box, but would definitely give it a chance.

SkinCity’s own brand is not half bad either. While I do find their body range to be better, their skincare line is nothing to frown upon either from my limited interaction with it. Plus falling in love with one of their products wouldn’t be a bad thing as they are pretty affordable for a “research” based, non drugstore skincare product range.

If you clicked on any of the above links that led you to the reviews for said products, then you already know that I pretty much enjoyed using both the NMF Body Mist from SkinCity but also the Hyaluronic Highlighter Duo from MakeTheMake. In fact, the highlighter is one of my favourite highlighters out there and one I have no intentions to stop using. Not only it applies nicely, looks incredible but it is the perfect skincare/makeup hybrid. Actually, MakeTheMake is incredible at creating such hybrids and their products are not something you wish to ignore IMO.

The Paula’s Choice Moisturiser is one I am currently using and it is the first ever products I loved from the brand. I have used some of the brand’s most iconic products in the past and none of them worked quite as well as this water infusing electrolyte moisturizer. The product has a nice, whipped like texture to it and it feels pretty nice on the skin. While I am not entirely certain it actually does more than simply hydrate, the product is perfect for everyday use.

The Oskia mask is one I still enjoy using after all this time. It used to be quite popular a few years back, but I see that it is making a comeback. The mask is easy to use, easy to apply as well as remove. It does not stick to your skin like glue aka it washes off easily. It does not give off that tightening feeling which is very welcome. It is comfortable on the skin, period. The mask itself leaves the skin looking glowy AF so you can say goodbye to any dullness.

Overall, as you can probably tell already, I am quite excited about this box. The box itself does not contain one product that stands out while the rest fade in the background. Instead, the box contains a series of high quality, carefully selected products that work and generate results. It is a great opportunity to explore and fall in love with some new skincare products. I do recommend giving this box a try if you are looking for something new or are interested in getting some new goodies.

What do you think of this new Skin City beauty box?

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