Niche Beauty Advent Calendar 2022 – now £202

Niche Beauty Advent Calendar 2022
Last modified: November 12, 2022

Get ready to countdown to Christmas with the Niche Beauty Advent Calendar for 2022! This year’s calendar is packed with 25 surprise beauty treats, including skincare, makeup, and haircare products from some of the most popular niche beauty brands. Whether you’re a beauty aficionado or just getting started on your journey to finding the perfect products for your needs, this calendar has something for everyone. 

Keep reading to find out more about what’s inside.

Niche Beauty Advent Calendar Contents

1 – Aime / The Simple Cream / Travel Size / 15 ml

2 – This Place / The Blissful Day / Original Travel Size / 20 ml

3 – Virtue / Un-frizz Cream / Original Travel Size / 60 ml

4 – GOOP / Microderm Instant Glow Exfoliator / Original Travel Size / 15 ml

5 – Paula’s Choice / Pore Normalizing Cleanser / Original / 177 ml

6 – Und Gretel / TAGAROT Lipstick (Dahlia) / Original / 3,50 g

7 – Oribe / Très Set Structure Spray / Travel Size / 50 ml

8 – Dr. Barbara Sturm / Face Cream Rich / Travel Size / 20 ml

9 – Plenaire / Tropique Enzymatic Exfoliant / Original / 180 ml

10 – Aurelia / Cell Repair Night Oil / Original / 30 ml

11 ¬– Vapour / Mascara Jet / Original / 8 ml

12 – Nature of Things / Reparative Facial Moisturizer / Original / 50 ml

13 – Natalie’s Cosmetics / Smooth Body Lotion / Travel Size / 35 ml

14 – Cosmetic27 / Baum 27 / Travel Size / 15 ml

15 – Ellis Brooklyn / Parfum Super Amber / Original Travel Size / 10 ml

16 – Dr. Levy Switzerland / Travel Booster Serum / Travel Size / 7 ml

17 – Dr. Janine Mahon / Breast Oil / Travel Size / 10 ml

18 – gitti / No. 103 / Original / 15 ml

19 – Macrene Actives / High Performance Face Cream / Travel Size / 15 ml

20 – Róen Beauty / Elixir Tinted Lip Oil Balm (Stella) / Original / 1.75 g

21 – Bodyologist / Soft Hands Advanced Hand Cream / Original / 60 ml

22 – Agent Nateur / Holi (Oil) Refining Ageless Face Serum / Original Travel Size / 10 ml

23 – U Beauty / The Sculpt Arm Compound / Travel Size / 50 ml

24 – Gisou / Hair Oil / Travel Size / 20 ml

25 – Niche Beauty / Notepad & Pencil / Original

Niche Beauty Advent Calendar 2022 contents

Niche Beauty Advent Calendar Price and Value 

The new Niche Beauty Advent Calendar 2022 edition is priced at £270, with a reported value of around £850. The calendar is available here

The calendar ships internationally.

Niche Beauty Advent Calendar Comments

I’m so excited for this year’s Niche Beauty Advent Calendar! I love that it includes so many different types of products, from skincare to makeup to haircare. I truly am. 

Niche Beauty may not be my favorite retailer, but it is up there on the list. Also, their offerings are usually excellent in terms of product variety and in regard to the actual products included in their offers. However, they rarely impress when it comes to the value being offered, and this case is no exception. The calendar for 2022 is relatively expensive, and the value is not higher than that of other luxury calendars, which do come at a lower price point. 

If you are a fan of Niche Beauty or simply looking for a beauty Advent Calendar packed with high-end products, this may be the one for you. However, if you are looking for better value, other options exist.

Content-wise, however, I do have to say that I love this Niche Beauty Advent Calendar. I think it’s a great mix of products, and I’m excited to see what each day brings. I’ll be keeping an eye out for this one! I am interested in getting it, but perhaps only if it will be available in conjunction with the currently ongoing beauty gift with purchase or the upcoming winter beauty gift with purchase. Otherwise, I will likely skip this one as I cannot justify the expense. 

Below I leave you a short review of the only product from this calendar that I’ve used enough to be able to offer an option on. 

  • Dr. Barbara Sturm Face Cream Rich is a nice moisturizer that worked quite well on my combinational/oily skin despite being quite thick and heavy. This is an excellent product for the upcoming colder months, but it is nothing incredible about it, you know? It feels like a plain but very protective moisturizer, and if it were not for the brand name attached to it, it could be one of the many others you can easily pick up in any drugstore. 


‘Tis the season of giving…and receiving! Treat yourself or a loved one to the Niche Beauty Advent Calendar for 2022. Filled with 25 surprise beauty treats, this calendar has something for everyone. Whether you’re a skincare junkie or just getting started on your journey to finding the perfect products for your needs, this calendar is sure to get you excited about counting down to Christmas!

What do you think of the Niche Beauty Advent Calendar 2022 edition?

As always, do stay tuned as I will update this post once more information is available. For More information on advent calendars including those from Cult Beauty, Harvey Nichols, Harrods and more, check out this page.

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